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  1. btarunr

    DeepCool Intros Castle 240 RGB V2 Cooler with Anti-leak Tech Inside

    DeepCool today introduced the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB V2 all-in-one closed-loop liquid CPU cooler with an innovation that minimizes the risk of coolant leakages caused due to environmental air-pressure fluctuations. Called DeepCool Anti-leak Tech Inside, the innovation is an elastic...
  2. John Naylor

    Vodka Cooling

    I went looking for a resource to answer a question and stumbled upon this: Well ... algae won't be an issue or freezing temps. I wasn't all that drawn in and almost moved on but by the time I was half way thru, was LMAO .... I wound up watching his videos for about 2.5 hours before I got...
  3. btarunr

    Asetek Introduces 645LT AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

    Asetek, the creator of the all-in-one liquid cooler and the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for gaming PCs and DIY enthusiasts, announced the 645LT, an all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid cooler ideal for small form factor (SFF) cases. Applications for gaming and professional content...
  4. Vlada011

    EKWB M.2 Heatsink Stupidity Award for Design

    Only I can say I'm happy because I didn't paid to EKWB to kill my M.2 with Heatsink. I was never so frustrated in my life and never had such problems installing coolers, hardware, building computers even on beginning. Byers must be aware that there is a significant chance to kill M.2 installing...
  5. xkm1948

    D15 to AIO??

    I will be moving in the later half of the year. Dragging the case with me has not been that great with a gigantic tower cooler in there. With that said what would be some good AIOs to replace the D15? I am looking at Corsair H115i, EVGA CLC 280 and NZXT X62. What would you recommend? Or should I...
  6. S

    Radeon VII with Bykski Waterblock.

    Just received the Bykski waterblock today and installed it on my Radeon VII. Here is the data from the Render test built into the latest version of GPU-Z Here is the data at stock settings (Wattman at manual) I have been running the Render test for @15 minutes. These are max readings GPU...
  7. btarunr

    EK Water Blocks Releases EK-Vector Series Water Blocks for AMD Radeon VII

    EK Water Blocks, the leading premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing EK-Vector Radeon VII water blocks that are compatible with reference design AMD Radeon VII graphics cards. This kind of efficient cooling will allow your high-end graphics card to reach higher boost...
  8. purecain

    Thermaltake 3.0 ultimate critical pump failure!

    I am seriously lucky. My water pump started making a noise and i noticed cooling was less than adequate. After everything being fine for nearly 2years. I was trying to install the driver for the pump as my asus front base kept showing the pump slowing down to 40rpm from 450=600.rpm. As soon as...
  9. W

    Alphacool GPX AMD rx 580 install options

    My air-cooled (and overclocked) Aorus RX 580 4GB is very noisy when gaming, so I have ordered NexXxoS GPX AMD RX 580 M04 :) I know this hybrid block is very restrictive so I am wondering how to install the GPX for best (near silent) operation. Currently my loop consist of these components...
  10. Splinterdog

    Upgrade Corsair 5 year old H100i recommendations?

    My H100i is showing signs of ageing; the rubber tubes are beginning to show tiny dry splits around the sleeve joints at the radiator and CPU ends. Although it works perfectly and I've never had reason to complain and it's quiet too, I'd like to replace it. My CM Storm Trooper will take 240 and...
  11. VSG

    EKWB: The past can be the future with EK Classic

    EK , the leading premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, announces the global launch of their new Classic Product Line. It includes an NVIDIA RTX 2000 series GPU block, CPU blocks for both the most popular AMD and Intel platforms, and a pump-reservoir combo unit. Whether you only care about...
  12. Raevenlord

    Phanteks Presents New Cases and Waterblocks at CES 2019

    Phanteks will unveil the new Eclipse P600s, the successor to the original Enthoo Luxe, and water cooling solutions at CES 2019. ECLIPSE P600s - Bringing you the best of two worlds The Eclipse P600s mid-tower gaming case is Phanteks' newest hybrid design forged between a silent and...
  13. dcf-joe

    Question About Res Proximity To Rad Fans

    Do you guys think placing my reservoir this close to the output of the radiator fans will cause a problem with thermals or air reversion?
  14. Raevenlord

    Thermaltake Announces New Watercooling Lineup With Water 3.0 ARGB Sync Edition Series at CES 2019

    Thermaltake, a leading brand in PC cooling solutions, today released the latest all-in-one liquid cooling product- Water 3.0 ARGB Sync Edition Series. The Water 3.0 ARGB Sync Edition Series comes with three different versions including 120 ARGB Sync Edition with one 120 mm fan, 240 ARGB Sync...
  15. theoneandonlymrk

    Would slowing down the flow through a radiator by half increase efficiency

    would slowing down the flow through a radiator by half increase efficiency. I ask because that is what I intend to do, split the water loop after the heat loads into two 360 radiators ,one 60mm one slim 25mm so as to slow the flow down(the fans would be using the same profile), my thinking...
  16. Raevenlord

    Thermaltake Brings Watercooled DDR4 Memory to Market with WaterRam RGB

    Thermaltake at CES has just spread its wings towards another slice of the market: the system memory one. With their new WaterRam, the company is trying to offer a unique product that fuses watercooling and RGB lighting with the memory kits for both seamless performance and looks. Thermaltake...
  17. F

    Alphacool Eiswolf pump rattle

    Hello all, Bought an Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro kit (https://www.alphacool.com/shop/new-products/23846/alphacool-eiswolf-240-gpx-pro-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-black-m01) for my GPU. I have the 240 mm radiator mounted on top of my case as an exhaust and the temps are fine in the 50's. The problem...
  18. crazyeyesreaper

    Alphacool Shows Off All New Eisball Pump/Reservoir Combo

    Alphacool showed off an entirely new pump/reservoir combo at CES 2019, which they dubbed the Eisball. Just a quick look at this thing will tell you it is like nothing else you have seen before. Paired with their VP755 V3 pump which was recently updated, means not only is it entirely new from the...
  19. bpgt64

    First Custom Loop -- Any Advise?

    Parts Listing; EK-CoolStream SE 360 (Slim Triple) -- SKU 3831109860472 -- QTY 2 K-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM (incl. sl. pump) 3830046992987 1 EK-FB ASRock X299 RGB Monoblock - Nickel 3830046994714 1 EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti RGB - Nickel + Plexi 3831109810477 1...
  20. P

    Ryzen 5 1600 Temperatures w/ Water Cooler

    hey guys, i just bought and built a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120L RGB Water Cooler and as it is my first experience with a water cooler i just want some help to know if my temperatures are normal or high. I'm using a R5 1600 and the room temperature is about 28 Cº. Here is some prints for idle...
  21. CustomRigs

    My I9 9900K ITX Watercooled Gaming rig :)

    So today i wanna show you my ITX gaming rig Geeekcase A50 ITX case Asus ROG Strix Z390 ITX Intel I9 9900K @5GHz allcore 16GB TeamGroup T-Force Xcalibur 3600MHz DDR4 EVGA GTX 1080 (Founders PCB @2100/5500 MHz 2x 500 GB CRUCIAL P1 M.2 SSD 1x 240GB TeamGroup T-Force DELTA RGB SSD SEASONIC FOCUS...
  22. C

    9600K with Corsair H75 AIO v1

    Hello I have this cooler as part of bundle with my motherboard. Will this cooler do with 9600K most likely some low overclock but not anything spectacular as I intend to pair with 1070Ti The version is the old one but the box says its compatible with s1151. Would you recommend I keep it or...
  23. bpgt64

    Bad Pump?

    Thoughts? Really annoying, already had another pump go out on me with an another Asetek.
  24. VSG

    Lian Li Partners with Bitspower on Custom Reservoir/Pump for PC-O11 Dynamic Case

    The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic is proving to be a success for the company, with praise from reviews and customers alike. The platform has since brought out a few variations as well, but for those wanting to build in the case this holiday season and make use of the watercooling support it allows, the...
  25. J

    Best Cooler up to 80£ Air/water for my 2700x?

    I'm looking for a nice mid-range budget cooler air or closed loop water system cooler. Cos As I'm running on default bios settings CPU is always boosting to 4.0+- instead of 3.7mhz. so temps go up to 70+ when playing heavy games with some streaming even on max fan rpm. So what u suggest?