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[Case Gallery] 0v3rl0rd's PC

Feb 26, 2007
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System Name Towly's Midrange Menace / Home File Server
Processor Intel Core2Quad E9550 2.83Ghz / Pentuim 4 3Ghz HT
Motherboard MSI G31TM-P25 / Gigabyte GA-945G Pro
Cooling Cooler master V6 / Intel Stock
Memory 4 gb 800mhz DDR2/ 2gb 800mhz DDR2
Video Card(s) MSI Geforce 460 GTX 768MB / Intel onboard
Storage 1x 120 gb 1x500gb / 2 x 1TB sata,1 x 160Gb,1 x 80Gb, 2 x 500Gb sata
Display(s) 19" HANNS-G LCD
Case Jeantech Achilles Mid Tower / Standard atx
Audio Device(s) Onboard HD / Onboard HD
Power Supply Vantec ION2+ 600Watt / XGR 450W
Software Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit / Windows XP Pro
Benchmark Scores 3D Mark 03 = 42483 Unigine v2.5 = 1555 http://www.techpowerup.com/gallery/2982.html
Nice lookig rig you got. Like what you've done with the wires. Thinking of getting cable sleeving if that will fit on my cables.
Cheers m8


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Dec 22, 2006
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Not a big fan of the case but i still gave you a 10 because of specs and the amount of effort that I know went into that thing :)


Not a big fan of the case but i still gave you a 10 because of specs and the amount of effort that I know went into that thing :)
I need to sleeve those gray wires from the power supply but they're a bit roomy and tough for forming. And those cables from the Zalman VGA fan stand out a bit but I hope to fix that soon :) And about effort you're right. Cables are all a bit corpulent and hard for modeling, which was/is the problem.

BTW thank for your votes guys
Mar 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
System Name Stealth 2 Duo Turbine
Processor Intel e6850 @ 3.8ghz
Motherboard Asus Striker Extreme
Cooling CoolerMaster V8 Modded With 2 white LED's & 100CFM fan
Memory OCZ DDR2 1066_ SLI Black-4GB
Video Card(s) 2xMSI 8800GT"s SLI
Storage <<HDD For OS>> 2x150GB_Western Digital Raptor_Raid 0. <<HDD For Storage>> 3 x 1TB
Display(s) ACER B273HU 27" LCD 2048x1152
Case Apex SuperCase_Custom 7 month Build
Audio Device(s) Striker Extreme Add-In Card HD-Audio
Power Supply EnerMax INFINITI 720watt
Software SE7VEN ULTIMATE 64bit
Benchmark Scores 3DMark01=NTTA, 3Dmark06=NTTA 3Dmark_Vantage=NTTA, Core Temp v0.99.5=28C
Nice, I like the side fan in the window blowing on the memory.should keep them cool.