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[[180mm Fan]]

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by mos187, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. mos187

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Hey Guyz, Im having some temp problems with my 8800GT as its set on 55c-62c when idle and upto 75c when on load, by the way its a Gigabyte 8800GT with zalman fan??, so ive thought about mounting a bigger side panel fan as i already have a 80mm fan mounted, and i found one hell of a fan (180mm) that connects directly to 220v power plug (so its not going to consume any PSU power which is good), the fan will be mounted with the air flow in towards the GPU (and the rest of the mobo), i didnt get it yet but im seriously thinking, so any suggestions.....

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  2. Kursah

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    Your current temps are pretty much in-line with other 8800GT's...if I were you I'd invest in an Arctic Cooling S1 rev.2 Cooler and either the fan module or a 120mm fan...pretty cheap and effective cooling. The cooler is tall though, so side fans might have to be mounted on the outside of the side panel...but it's cooling my x1950xtx quite well, running cooler OC'd than my original cooler, stock clocks at 100% fan speed...that says a lot since an 8800gt creates way less heat.

    The Zalman cooler on your card, is it a the vf900? If so, you may try to reseat it...

    Case airflow always is a good thing, but I tend to stay away from high-flo side air induction, and stick with the tried and tru front/bottom intake, rear/top exhaust methods for airflow dynamics in a PC case. But if you're feelin' handy, then get out the dremel and hook up that 180mm fan...just weigh out your options and do some more research before you jump on it!

    Hope that helps!

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