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1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones

Mar 30, 2006
1,260 (0.29/day)
Processor i5-2500K
Motherboard ASUS MAXIMUS V GENE z77
Cooling Scythe
Memory Crucial Ballistix 32GB LP DDR3-1866
Video Card(s) ATI HD6900
Storage Vertex 3 + Random storage
Display(s) Samsung 27"
Case Lian-Li
Audio Device(s) Boatloads
Power Supply 600 Watt Corsair
Software W7
1MORE's MK802 is a $149 Bluetooth over-ear headset that packs a multitude of features. The company's products always offer a lot of tech at a reasonable price, and the MK802 is no exception. It is Apt-X HD compatible and comes with a decent cable and integrated battery pack.

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Jan 31, 2005
1,625 (0.35/day)
The Pico Mundo Grill
System Name Commercial towing vehicle Nostromo
Processor R7 1700X Base Clock @ Hz
Motherboard Crosshair Hero VI (BIOS 1701)
Cooling Hydro H110i V2 High Performance
Memory 2x8 GB Dominator CMD16GX4M2B3200C16 v4.31
Video Card(s) 970 STRIX
Storage 960 EVO M2 500 GB w. EKWB EK-M.2 NVMe nickel heatsink / UV400 480 GB / Red PRO 4 TB
Display(s) VG248QE
Audio Device(s) Onboard / JDS Labs O2 AMP / K550 headphones
Power Supply AX 860
Mouse KANA
Keyboard K60
Software Win 10 Pro x64 / KIS 2018
Benchmark Scores 2141 lightyears per hour.......
Looks like some hearing protection cups - not the prettiest I have seen - but then again - it´s all about the sound and not the looks