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1st Player SFX 750 W Platinum


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Mar 3, 2011
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The 1st Player SFX 750 W is competitively priced, which ensures a high performance per dollar ratio. Build quality of this fully modular PSU is good, making this compact power supply a decent product at a fair price overall. The included seven-year warranty also ensures peace of mind.

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Aug 29, 2008
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Case Cart boxes
The blue polymers are beryl caps, I have seen them on mainboards and they look OK. The CA's I have are rated for 3000 hour at 105 C. The Cap quality is impressive but they made a major screw up on the fan, quality and dimension wise its just a horrible choice.
Mar 8, 2013
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Not just the quality of the fan, that fan speed/response curve looks horrific. What even is the point of a low power passive mode if you're not gonna ramp the fan gracefully?