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209mm wide case able to fit a 159mm coolering heat pipe?

May 19, 2012
168 (0.08/day)
System Name i7 960 FX8120 i5 3470
Processor i7 960 FX8120 i5 3470
Motherboard ga x58a FX990gd65 770gd45
Cooling APSALUS2-90 water cooled APSALUS2-90 water cooled stokfan
Memory Team 1600 8gbx6 patriot 1600 4gb x4 team 1600 8gbx4
Video Card(s) winfast gf 560 HIS ati6850CF R9 280 3GB
Storage 7200rmp 1gb 7200rmp 1gb 7200rmp 2gb
Display(s) 21 24 42" 3d tv
Case cooler master gigabyte tusmi
Power Supply cooler master 500w cooler master 500w enhance 600
Software win 7 64 win 7 64 win 7 64
is a ThermalTake H21 430x480x209mm case able to fit a aftermaket cooler max hight 159mm?

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