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300 posts, a thanks to TPU, and Vista programs and booting

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Atnevon, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Sep 5, 2007
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    So it is about the 1 year anniversary of my Rig. In August of 07, about 3 weeks into the Fall semester, lightning took my HP zd8000 from me. A long story short, insurance cam through and got me 1500 for a new laptop. And the research began for what would be my new love. Rig building.

    I went to alot of links, forums, research, and a whole spool of mess to find what I have now. It has been a great experience and a whole lot of fun. I must extend a great thank you to the many members of TPU, for not being such dicks or elitists ([hardforum] and overclockers.net) It seems there is a calmer respect for members here, and very little flaming or nastiness is every really apparent.

    As for my 1 year anniversary, I plan on in the winter (once it cools way down, and my Q6600 becomes my apartments primary heater, along with the roomies E6750) I plan on overclocking a bit more.

    Now, onto a technical question.

    I justt got 4gb of GSkill for my 680i. I plan on putting x64 Vista Ultimate soon. I have seen alot of the program gripes and problems, but one I am a bit curious of. I have a new Seagate drive on its way to install it on. I do not plan on duel booting on the same drive. Period.

    Now, Once I get everything set up and running...
    how will the info on my XP drive read?
    Will it try and interact with the Windows folders?
    Will programs still be runnable if I select the XP Drive, and click say, WoW.exe?
    Will I be able to access my files from the XP drive? (MP3s, movies, docs, ect)

    Ok, now that is out of the way. I know XP will not see my 4gb. However, thats the nature of an x86 32bit OS. However, it only sees 2.8. Now, I have a 8800GTX, with that 768mb of RAM. I believe this has something to do with the issue. However, for future proofing, how can I reset how much Windows is seeing in my GPU RAm, and see more of the physical ram? I would like to be able to use, say at least 3-3.2. hell, my roomie had a 8800GT, and his board saw 3.5.

    If anyone can help me on these issues, that would be great. I know, Ultimate is coming. I;m looking forward to it, but I know I still need a few more facts before taking a plunge.

    Here's to you TPU,
    10 Year Member at TPU

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