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4870x2 bios needed


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Feb 2, 2013
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I recently purchased a 4870x2 for dirt cheap. The card was bought as damaged/untested. Initially it had problems with power delivery; 4/5 LED's would light up and it would often freeze. I knew I was going to do a reflow on it so I decided to try a bios flash first. I flashed(no backup) it to the newest master/slave Sapphire bioses on TPU for the v1 PCB. I wasn't aware of the Hynix/Qimonda difference and so with these roms the card would artifact.
Following a reflow, all LED's would stay off but the card would still artifact in 2D mode. This is due to the wrong 'reference(Qimonda memory)' vbios.

The part number of the card is : 102-B50902-00-AT(Sapphire).
So far I have tried the following combinations :
sapphire - 113-B50902-100(master) + 113-B50902-101(slave)
sapphire - 113-B50902-102(master) + 113-B50902-103(slave)
sapphire - 113-B50902-104(master) + 113-B50902-105(slave)
XFX - 113-BA0902-702(master) + 113-BA0902-703(slave)
Each one results in Windows being stuck on the boot logo. Starting with the iGPU the card plugged in and drivers installed allowed me to check GPU-Z which is displaying wrong information and temperatures. There was a combination that had the machine boot to the login screen and after a few seconds the screen lost signal. I'm sure this is not a hardware fault.

I'm looking for either a combination of 113-B50902-102(master + slave) or any indication towards a working combination for this particular P/N.

Thank you for reading.
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