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5850 Crossfire Questions

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by TheMailMan78, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. TheMailMan78

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    Ok I might have an opportunity to get another 5850 for a decent price. So I have a few questions to people who own/ran two 5850's in crossfire.

    1. What kinda power draw will I be looking at. I have a TX750.
    2. How high will I have to OC my 1090T to keep it from bottlenecking the second card?
    3. What kinda performance can I expect in BF3 at Ultra 1920x1080.
    4. I know the scaling is low with the 58xx series. But how bad is it in BF3?
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  2. random


    Oct 19, 2008
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    I'd say you'd get 60 fps across the board as long as you're not using MSAA instead of FXAA. IMO 3.8ghz is a great starting point with that CPU and GPU setup and should grant you significant gains in terms of FPS (where not CPU bound). 4ghz-4.2ghz will also imo be definitely enough. My 0.02
  3. theoneandonlymrk


    Mar 10, 2010
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    1ive an 850 with at least 150 watts of unnecessary fans and pumps so 750 should be ok(might be a bit limited on oc)
    2 im running mine at4ghz but its four cour so youll be right at 3.8 id think too:)
    3 in catalyst force AFR on and turn/force Vsync off and youll be mostly getting 80-90 in BF3;):cool: with not much tearing evident on my 32"" sony
    and crossfire on that game, 5800 stlye works well i allways have morpho or fxaa (low) on on every game plus 2xmsaa ultra all settings obv
    4 you get very good scaling if you can get AFR working right (not all games play well, but new optimised version helps), half to to thirds the performance of one card id say dependent on game and AFR working ive hammered that AFR since xfired 3870s:)
  4. Wrigleyvillain

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    Oct 13, 2007
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    Uh I am having trouble finding the exact draw of 5850 vs 6850 but I have the same PSU and no probs with 6850 crossfire. Also the 5000 series scaling is not bad per se it's just 6000 is better afaik. Crossfire support in general seems to be really good in BF3 but I haven't seen any scaling percentage numbers. I'd like too...

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