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6750m incorret memory ddr3/ddr5


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Aug 17, 2012
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hi guns , I recently bought a laptop hp dv6 6170br and the graphics card is the model that comes crossfire 6755g2 (6520g +6750 m). problem is that this is crosfire slower than the 6750M alone, and later, I went to install the latest version of gpu -z and it shows that my 6750M is GDDR3, BUT I THINK WOULD BE NO GDDR5? within the site hp hp 6170br this model says that he has come a 6750M DDR5 and also i saw on wikipedia that I see so 6750M has DDR5.

Anyone know why this is happening? really came GDDR3 6750M this is a bug or gpu-z?

and and i can do something to fix?as put other bios or other thing?

my driver is catalys 12.7 and i used 12.6 too.

and if not bug gpu-z I can do something to run as GDDR5? how to flash bios? is possible?

and photo of gpu-z : http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/12/08/17/cp3.png