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7970HD openCL drivers


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Jun 19, 2018
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Hi Guys,
It's my first post, so hi all!
I've looked up for same problem around the forum and so far I have no solution for it..
Its connected with mining but the problem is generally tied to drivers and/or openCL. If i should place it in the mining section, pleas let me know.
I'm trying to use oldish 7970 for mining (nice hashrate for 100$) but I'm having trouble with openCL and drivers.
One of the software i'm trying to use (x16r algo - RVN coin) is not working on WINDOWS (did work on linux but due to instability of the cards caused by overclocking them i couldnt leave them alone in the office..) and so far I came to conclusion that it has to be connected with drivers and/or openCL.
I've installed newest driver (18.5.1 and later on 18.6.1 from AMD site) and I've used GPU-Z to see if my system recognize openCL. And it doesnt. I've used various software to clean old drivers and files before installing new one, i've installed AMD APP SDK 3.0 and it didnt help neither.
I had same problem with ETH miner from hiveOS farm and using command export GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR=1 solved the problem and miner run smoothly.
Best regards!


Aug 22, 2010
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System Name https://goo.gl/FDgehs
Double-check with CLINFO.EXE which comes with every AMD driver.
CLINFO.EXE >OUTPUT.TXT will create a text file you can post here.