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8 fan case



i was wondering about cooling. my past few pcs have all used the same old alienware ogre case, which has 3 intake fans and alot of exhaust holes. the new case i'm looking at is the nzxt zero, which has eight fans in it. would an 850 psu be able to power these, along with a 2900 xt, 2 gigs ddr2 800 ram, a fatal1ty sound card ( the $160 canadian one), a killer k1 internet adapter, and a core 2 duo at 2.4 ghz? i know that this is an odd topic, but any help would be appreciated. instead of listing all the fan sizes, heres a link. http://www.nzxt.com/products/zero/

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May 30, 2006
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I think it should ?? Ive got 7X120mm blue lead fans 1X120mm 3X80mm blue lead fans and OCZ Memory Cooler with 2X60mm blue lead fans and Laing DDC w/ Petra'sTech DDCT-01s Top Combo pump

and running with settings in specs

also what kind of PSU is it and specs
Nov 12, 2006
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Yes it would, easily. A quality 850watt PSU would take Xfire 2900XT's and a quad core.