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85% charging

Jan 14, 2019
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Swapped the battery myself on my iPhone 8 Plus, the original had 77% of its life left. Bought a third-party battery and now it holds charge again much better, and I usually charge it to 100% if possible.

Personally I find it stupid that changing battery isn't as easy as it was back in the day.
Stupid marketing, that's all it is. They sell phones with "beautiful unibodies that are nice to touch and look at", which is bullshit. Not being able to swap your battery is all what it is. Planned obsolescence.

I don't want to touch and look at my phone. I want to use it, dammit! :roll:
Nov 18, 2010
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Just use the phones.

For your information charged voltage differs model to model and generations. So you cannot compare S7 with S23, leaving aside the fact S7 had the last high energy density design prior to Note Burning.

100% ain't 4.2V, any manufacturer already abuses the common Lithium battery rules. Charged voltage ranges from 4.35 to 4.45V these days just to demonstrate larger capacity numbers, that actually mean nothing.

Flagship models differ from entry level ones with current capability also, thus more current mean less cycles. You really cannot compare any phone in between and make some sort of conclusions as there are different cells, temperatures, currents and settings. So the discussion is meaningless in general, as each case is unique.

On average most modern phones handle around 1000 cycles, with around 20% health drop at the end.

The only use case of that 85% setting is when the device is always charged to the max, like in a car or used as a modem. Storage voltage needs to be around 80ish% to prevent deteriotion. Leaving 100% all the time usually ends up bulging the battery after a year or so... usually Taxi drivers suffer from it.