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8800GTX overclock

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Focus182, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Focus182 New Member

    Apr 12, 2008
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    Hey all

    When i was looking at the 8800GTX to buy it i was looking all over for people who have overclocked it but i could hardly find any one so im gunna post my overclock of my 8800GTX i just got for other people to see =)

    ok im on a stock cooler .. i have pushed the gpu fan to 100% using the nvidia program that comes with i think all of the nvidia cards .. idle is 61 C .. max load is 84C .. when the overclock is on its 62C idle and 86C max load .. dont worry that its so high .. anything under 95C should be fairly safe ..

    stock clocks : 576/1350/1800

    firstly i tried 620 on the core clock and 2000 memory

    it worked perfectly ! i got a few more fps in crysis and that was cool .. then i tried 620/1450/2000 also perfect ..then i went to 630/1590/2000 .. it is just stable .. few more mhz on any clock and i will have artifacts .. so if you have a 8800GTX you should try clocks around these .. ive seen many 8800GTX's become unstable passed 620 core clock so test that first .. 1000 (2000 effective) memory clock should be fine .. and 1550 shader would probly be fine .. so you have a start and it will save you alot of time ;)

    with 8800GTX stock clock i get 33 in crysis at a certain spot.
    with the 8800GTX oced to 630/1590/2000 i get 37 fps in the same spot =) ( the test was on 1280x1024) on higher res you would make more fps from the overclock as we made the memory go all the way up to 2000

    to overclock use riva tuner as the overclocker and ati tool for the artifact scanner .. run artifact scanner for 10 mins each time you increase the clocks .. make sure you watch it .. some times you can get artifacts and it wont restart the counter .. raise the clocks by 5-10 mhz each time .. you probly wont be able to reach over 620/1560/2000 but its worth a try ;) ive seen people get very high clocks .. every card is different. if you get a artifact make sure you clock it down by 10mhz ;)

    gpu-z : http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/bapf4/

    hope this helps ;)

    :toast: Good luck

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  2. rampage

    May 31, 2007
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    yeah thats is a good OC with stock cooler, i have a thermalright HR-03 on my 8800GTX and i can OC the core an extra 100mhz but the ram will oc 60 mhz or so.. the HR-03 with a 120mm fan on it give me 40c ide and i think 50>55c load temps OCed, also dont forget about the shader clo0cks, lowering these a bit can help with he core clock and visa versa

    i will be swiching out my 8800GTX for the 8800GT as it can be OCed further out beat the 8800GTX in benchmarks and in game (im am yet to flash the bios tho)
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