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9500 Fan Question


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Apr 6, 2005
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Hey guys,

I have a Radeon 9500 and the fan on it is doing my head in, can I simply unplug it?

Now before you all scream in horror and call me an idiot there is reasoning behind my question. I don't use the 9500 for gaming, it simply sits in my new computer under my tv acting as a PVR (runs media center), the only thing which is doing my head in about the machine in the loudness of the 9500 fan. So because it doesn't do anything strenuous would unplugging the fan cause the card to die on me?

The temps which the case reaches is at most 33C and the CPU gets to about 45-50C under full load.



Edit: Meant to say its a non-pro but I did have it unlocked to all 8 pipes and OC'd a long way over its stock settings with no problems at all, and of course I am more than willing to under clock the card if need be.
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