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9500 pro problem



Hi guys, noobie here.

i just bought a connect3d radeon 9500pro second hand. this is my 1st ati card btw. i downloaded the latest driver from ati, ver. 4.8. the guy said the card had no probs at all.

ok this is what happened:

i uninstalled my nvidia drivers, then used driver cleaner to clean it some more. then pulled out my GF4 Ti 4200, put in the 9500 pro, connected everything. booted up, the winxp startup screen was garbled, it can load windows, but it was so terrible and garbled. switched off, removed and installed the card. booted up, it looked ok, no more garbled screen. then installed the drivers. restarted. thought everything was ok. then i opened a word document, the text cursor (when u highlight text etc) was a square with horizontal lines through it. same thing happened to the move cursor. i ran 3dmark 01SE, it was all messed up as well. installed 3dmark03 ran it, it was better but still not perfect, had lines all over the place.

then i removed/reinstall the card+drivers. same thing. but i ran a game called mash and it was ok, no artifacts/lines etc.

so what seems to be the problem? should i try a previous driver? i'm updating my dx9 to dx9c.

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i tried screen capture of 3dmark01 se using the print screen button, but can't. anybody know how to capture screen for 3dmark? also i can't capture the cursor as well.

i ran a game called mash and also GTA3, both had no problems, at least I think.

i'm using the 4.7 drivers dloaded in techpowerup (the original drivers), but the problem is still here. i also updated my dx9 to dx9c. what else do i have to do? give back the card and get my money back???

btw this is my rig:

AMD Athlon XP Barton 2600+,WinXP Pro sp1
MSI KT3 Ultra2 6380E mobo,
2x Hyundai Electronics DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 256 MB,
Apacer Technology DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 256 MB
HDD: Maxtor 40G, Seagate 10.2G
CD/DVD: Samsung DVD rom SD-616q 16x48x, Philips PCRW5232P 52x24x52x
Creative Audigy Sound Blaster Platinum ex


no artifacts in it. i ran it for 15mins, it says no artifacts. will post pics tomorrow ok?


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Aug 26, 2004
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What exactly led you to believe that there were no artifacts? When ATITool detects an artifact it drops the clock speed and re-displays "0 artifacts detected..." almost instantaneously. Unless your clock speed continues to rise for 15 minutes, artifacts have been detected. Check your log (start->ATITool->ATITool Log) to see if artifacts have been detected. Perhaps W1zzard will implement a static artifact counter in the future.