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9800se exist ????


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Dec 30, 2004
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Hi, I am new with the ati, was nvidia user. I have done some research in the pass few weeks on the 9600/9700/9800 cards and the various favors within each group.

Can some experts tell me if this is a plain 9800 non pro (with all 8 pipes, not SE)?

My understanding is that it is a 9800 np because the seller stated as "NON PRO" and "Eight parallel rendering pipelines" and I bidded accordingly.

Well, I puchased 4, intalled 3, XP shown Chip Type as RADEON 9800 SE AGP. I ran ATITOOL, it confirmed only 4 pipes. The cards have the L shape memory layout, so it is 256bit. I tried to open the remaining 4 pipes on one of the cards, but can't. There is a sticker with the letters ATI.

Before I email the seller, I need the follow answers.

1) There are 9800, 9800SE, 9800SE Gold, 9800Pro, 9800XT
Core Core Mem Pipes Fill Mem Mem Mem DirectX
Code Clk Clk and Rate Spd Bus Bus Version
Name Name Mhz Mhz TMU's mt/s gb/s Type Bits Support
Radeon 9800 R350 325 620 8x1 2600 19.0 DDR 256 9
Radeon 9800 SE R350 325 580 4x1 1300 9.2 DDR 128 9
Radeon 9800 SE Gold R350 325 580 4x1 1300 18.5 DDR 256 9
Radeon 9800 Pro R350 380 680 8x1 3040 21.8 DDR 256 9
Radeon 9800 Pro R350 380 700 8x1 3040 22.4 DDR2 256 9
Radeon 9800 XT R360 412 730 8x1 3296 23.3 DDR2 256 9

With the 256bit layout, the cards I got are the 9800SE Gold. Is the name 9800np and 9800se used interchangable? I hope not as there is big different in the fill rate spec.

2) The 4 card ranged from $124 to $157, OK for 9800np but too much for 9800SE?

3) Did the 9800SE and 9800SE Gold ever made it to the market?

Aug 30, 2004
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9800 Non-pro and SE are not official variations fomr ATI. Each brand name has their own unofficial versions, so go to the manufacturer's website and see what that model's specifications should be. Either way the seller lied, because the cards you bought dont have 8 pipes. (Which has a SIGNIFICANT impact on performance)
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