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A different way of thinking about OLED VR, Epic Spaceman has opened my eyes to something I never thought possible.

Space Lynx

Oct 17, 2014
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System Name Steam Deck / Steam Dock until Ryzen 8800x3d.
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Watch this.




Now imagine these graphics as a VR game on a top end OLED headset... not a game with violence (aren't we all getting sick of how 99% of games are just violence manifested in one form or another?) imagine this game that takes you to a place of ancient peoples who were more aligned with the stars, that can transport you to different timelines, a narrators calming voice, changing with each timeline by a different voice actor. You get to fly around, you get to see, you get to see the stars as they were in ancient times, you can fast foward time itself and watch the patterns of the night sky change, you can fly to the grand canyon, you can turn off the lights as he does in this video... and the OLED would enhance it all by a magnitude of x immersion factor...

This is what I want.

This is what you want.

Watch the damn video, its fucking amazing, and Carl Sagan would be so proud of this guy.

Edit: another level could be flying to all the star calendars of ancient times, and watch the June 21st solstice in VR at this places at their original timelines, when adjusted or 2000 ish years, many of the star calendars of ancient times align perfectly with June 21st. Erastothenes, you could go back to when he measured the circumference of the Earth, and watch the worker he hired to pace out all 800 meters, etc.

I want this game. I want it on Valve Index 2 OLED 144hz. Please Gabe, make it happen, give me ultima glory!!!!
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