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Advantages of Jailbreak on the 4G iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by fenurch, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. fenurch


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    Again (same as my last thread) I'm seriously going away from PC's and anything related to computers but after posting this on an Apple fanboy forum, I didn't get any answers so I thought maybe people here (who tend to be fairly nice towards others and random threads) would help me out.

    So recently I got a surprise present which was the 4th Generation iPod Touch. I've never been an Apple fanboy but I can't deny the fact that iOS is still, the best mobile OS that's currently available. The question I had in mind is what is the purpose of jailbreaking your iPod?

    While I was doing some quick researching, I couldn't find a solid answer (that's regarding the relatively recent iOS 4). As far as I'm aware jailbreaking used to allow you to change backgrounds and such but now even iOS allows you to do that. So is jailbreaking only good if you wish to use free apps?

    I think I know what the jailbreaking term means and what it's associated with. The answer I'm wanting is more like - What's the point anymore?

    Because I don't really want to waste my time jailbreaking my iPod if that is the only advantage as you can get a whole lot of apps free anyway and those which you can't don't usually cost more than £1 or £2.
  2. Solaris17

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    Free apps arent the point. its the utilities audio files system themes or settings other system adjustable things. its not all cosmetic for example enabling multitasking etc. allowing filesystem access. just to name a few.
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  3. micropage7


    Mar 26, 2010
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    the advantage is of course you can use different operators, any apps that could be installed.

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