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Advise for AMD - How to Fix Bulldozer

Jan 20, 2010
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What needs to happen here is AMD needs to try hard and tweak the Bulldozer design; in the meantime they need to collaborate with software and game developers to ensure they are familiar with the design and to somehow take advantage of its features.

This is what I propose for AMD if they are serious about getting back into the game. They are not going to scrap Bulldozer regardless, Way too much time and money was spent on it. Both AMD and software needs time to mature for maximum gain. It's time that AMD does not have right now if they plan on staying competative.

1) 10% performance boost by tweaking Bulldozer alone can be achieved...
2) 15% +/- 5% performance boost by collaboration with software/game developers…

We are looking at an approx: 25% performance increase for today's Bulldozer. Then only then you release the so called Piledriver design with its rumoured 10% to 15% average performance increase over today's Bulldozer (After the Tweaks)

Total theoretical performance boost at the end of the day for PileDriver could very well be approx: 35% +/- 10%. Anything is possible, just hope AMD figures it out.

Do Not, I repeat Do Not just tweak Bulldozer, then call it Piledriver. The original Bulldozer should have already been a performer especially being branded as an FX......:D

Also check out this link for interesting information about why and how Bulldozer can get it's speed back.
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Feb 27, 2006
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I'm sure they'll listen. Also they don't think.
May 21, 2009
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from another thread around here it says they switched from hand-designed (read:quality, efficient) chips to ones designed by synthetic process. the placement of modules, etc is all done by computer - and according to said post was generally 20% bigger AND less efficient.
Mar 23, 2005
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Yes here is the link to that other thread.

I still think Bulldozer is a wonderous design full of innovation. The issue with Bulldozer is it's design style being somewhat ALIEN to the Windows 7 OS along with todays software. I wonder how Bulldozer will do on a Linex platform?