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After a long and dangerous journey, im back!

Discussion in 'Comments & Feedback' started by kyle2020, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. kyle2020 Guest

    Hey guys, I feel like the new kid at school again but im back!

    The last few years have been exciting. And by exciting, I mean terrifying.

    As a brief overview, here is what happened:

    1. Was made redundant from a job of 3 years.

    2. Our house was torched. Without too much detail, my father is a police officer, and someone he had managed to convict decided he didnt like my dad and ultimately attempted to burn our house down. Luckily, we werent in at the time and the damage done is replaceable.

    3. We moved away for a while, and had a long and difficult return to our neighbourhood and home.

    4. About a month after moving back, me and my father were involved in a serious car accident - the guy that managed to put me in intensive care was drunk and under the influence of other substances. He, as a token of karma, didnt walk away from the accident and later was pronounced dead at the scene. I was declared dead for 2 minutes after suffering severe head trauma, and had to recover from bleeding on the brain, a collapsed lung and several broken bones. My father escaped with a few broken bones.

    After all said and done, im back and hoping to become active again. I am back in work, have finished my diploma and am settling back in to a normal life. Each day is a bit of a struggle, but if the accident has taught me anything, its to enjoy life, and seeing as I have so many fond memories of this place, I thought it would be detrimental to my emotional recovery to come back, chat to old friends and start enjoying technology again.

    So, permiting you remember me, thats why I "disappeared". I hope the above explains why.

    I understand this may be the wrong place for this thread, however I cant really decide where else to put it.

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  2. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 HyperVtXâ„¢

    Sep 27, 2006
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    welcome back!
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  3. erocker

    erocker Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 19, 2006
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    My God, quite the journey Kyle! It's good to see you here again and I'm happy to hear you seem to be recovering nicely.

    Welcome back. :toast:
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  4. CrAsHnBuRnXp


    Oct 19, 2007
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    You are very lucky to survive that car accident. The way i see it though, you could fall out of the sky and land flat face on the ground and survive. If that day wasnt meant to be the day you die, you wont die.

    Glad to see you back and everything is ok.

    Welcome Back! :toast:
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