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AHCI SSD and Raid HDDs - Vertex 3 or Samsung 830 SSD

Apr 26, 2006
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Software Windows 10
I finally got my first SSD (Kingston V100 64GB) and need some help with the BIOS settings. I know that it should be set to AHCI mode, but then I can't run my Samsung F3s in Raid anymore. I guess I could do software raid in Windows 7, but that doesn't seem to be as fast as hardware raid right? If I set the BIOS to raid, then the SSD isn't in AHCI mode anymore is it?

I also ordered another Vertex 3 64GB and Samsung 830 64GB, but can't decide on which one to keep. Which one would you all recommend, as it will mostly be used for games? I know the Vertex 3 is faster, but it seems like it either work amazingly well, or causes BSOD frequently. The 830 has lower write speeds, but so far it seems the Samsung SSD are reliable. I know my motherboard only has Sata 2 ports, but I will either be buying a Sandy Bridge system this year, or Ivy Bridge when it is released.
Mar 6, 2008
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Set it to RAID. You can still use other drives (including the primary) as singles. RAID has full AHCI functionality.

I'd go with the V3 myself and do regular backups.