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Akasa Announces Alucia SC Fan Series

Mar 31, 2020
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Akasa, has recently released a set of case fans in the Alucia line of products, adding to the Alucia H4. The Alucia SC series come in 120 mm (SC12) and 140 mm (SC14) sizes, which makes these fans great for cases of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for a stealthy PC build with no lighting effects, the fans are jampacked with features; no PC can be complete without Akasa's high performance Alucia SC fans!

The most important factor of a case fan is arguably the airflow - a high level of which can circulate air more efficiently around the PC case. Alucia does not back down, with the powerful, optimized fan blade design producing 56.3 CFM (SC12) and 84.3 CFM (SC14) of airflow; this shows the amazing aerodynamic efficiency possible from these fans.

So why the different fan sizes? The main factor will depend on how large your case is and whether it is able to permit a 140 mm fan frame. The fan blades at this size is able to move more air whilst rotating at a lower RPM, which increases the efficiency and reducing noise. The 120 mm fans are a great option in smaller cases, or if heat is an issue, fit three 120 mm fans instead of two 140 mm fans for a higher airflow throughout the corners of the PC case whilst only sacrificing a little more noise.

These Alucia SC fans are made up of a sturdy reinforced plastic frame and the navy blue, oceanic fan blades. A premium Akasa metal badge finishes the high-quality look and feel. Padded material is fixed to the frame corners to dampen vibrations and noise, combined with the reinfornced frame make the fan a strong and silent force. Coupled with PWM control, the fan speed can be kept at a minimum when under light loads, essentially allowing for quiet yet powerful functionality. The overall effect allows the Alucia SC fans to maintain a cool airflow over the heat sensitive components in your PC.

The SC series also contain HD Bearing technology, which essentially uses the turning of the fan to evenly distribute the lubrication. This leads to an improved smoother rotation, extremely quiet operation and greatly improved fan lifespan of 40,000 hours.


The Alucia SC12 (AK-FN117) and the Alucia SC14 (AK-FN118) starts at £12.90/€13.50 and £13.30/€13.95, respectively.

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Aug 26, 2019
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Apparently the fan blades are manufactured by Pacific Islanders?


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Apr 20, 2007
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HD Bearing technology™

Bbc One Bear GIF by BBC

(I personally think its a load of BS buzzwords - Its a fancy way of saying the fan has a 'fan off' profile)

Interested in how this performs compared to similar fans though.
Oct 25, 2005
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I guess soon every manufacturer will have a Nidec Gentle Typhoon copy cat fan blade fan....
May 24, 2007
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Akasa have always had good fans using Piranha's in my system currently.
Nov 2, 2020
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The prices are almost Noctua territory. And they are not that good.


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I like the colours on this. Few tech things get Navy blue right.