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AM4 socket ready before Q4 2013?

Jun 11, 2008
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Hello, I think this is good to share it with you

I've haven't been in the forums too much, but I'm always on tpu for the latest news and reviews.
I work in a computer company since 2012 as a laptop repairman and 2 weeks ago we had a reunion with our general manager. He told us some of the future plans the company will be executing, like new tablets and laptops offerings (while switching more into tablets due to higher demand on my place and lower demand for laptops compared to 2012) Since ever all our laptops have been re-brands from other factorys, and our desktops (not the all-in-one) are built with regular gigabyte or asus (or msi, ECS etc) motherboards, like if they were clones, with our brand on top of it.

he mentioned that by the end of the year, we would be offering AM4 socket based systems as a replacement for our actual gaming solution (which is an affordable AMD llano A4 with a laughable but still usable on the ultratight budget Radeon 6450 crossfiring with the A4 integrated 6410 gpu), and they will be ordering DDR4 memory modules as soon as they become available or we will be using DDR3 instead.

I was kinda surprised with this. The manager is not the kind of guy who you could freely speak to, so I couldn't get much more out of the reunion. Also he travels a lot so he's not in my country anymore until who knows when.

My guess is, he got it wrong (and he was talking about FM2/FM2+ instead, to be replacing our actual FM1 solution, and use plain old DDR3 instead of 4). Or maybe the AM4 socket really will exist and will be released soon, as the general manager said.

I googled it and I haven't found anything relevant yet... anyone knows anything?
May 7, 2009
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Your manager is a idiot, ignore him. He probably saw AMD A4 and assumed the socket for it was AM4. And who wouldn't sell DDR4 memory when it comes available, whenever that may be.
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Jul 19, 2006
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Since there are no new CPU's due out this year and the next iteration is going to be on AM3+, no there won't be an AM4 socket anytime soon.