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AMD/ATI's new Innovation

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by wolf2009, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. wolf2009 Guest

    AMD has been on a roll lately with bringing new innovations to graphics market.

    1. They Brought DX10.1

    2. They were the first to break 1 Teraflop Barrier

    3. They were the first to use GDDR4 and GDDR5

    Now they have made a new innovation ,

    They are going to use DDR3 memory on low-end graphic cards such as HD4670 instead of GDDR3 that we see on about every card.

    DDR3 memory offers GDDR3 performance at DDR2 prices according to AMD.

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  2. wolf2009 Guest

    Forgot to add, Multi-Monitor in Crossfire

    And CrossfireX ( Mix and match different cards )
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    Well then I'd expect ati/amd to start taking a large chunk out of nvidia market share even more so once nehalem goes mainstream. It will push the cost of the ddr3 down, which will lower the price of the HD 4670 variants using it down even further for big system builders like dell. I can envision it being a $50 or less per unit part for them. Something capable of playing modern games that well for so cheap could be massively beneficial not just for the quality of their systems but for pc gaming in general. To get something that can max out ut3 and enjoy crysis on lower resolutions in that many systems would be wonderful.

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