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AMD: Direct X is holding back PC gaming.

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We have 10 times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or PS3...yet games don’t look ten times as good.”

Hardware firm AMD has said that cumbersome APIs like Direct X are holding back PC games from their true potential.

The manufacturer’s GPU worldwide developer relations manager Richard Huddy believes that Microsoft’s DirectX, introduced to help ensure games run on a wide variety of hardware, is hindering developers as much as it helps them.

“We have at least 10 times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or PS3 in a high-end graphics card, yet it’s very clear that the games don’t look 10 times as good,” Huddy told Bit-Tech. “To a significant extent that’s because, one way or another, for good reasons and bad – mostly good – DirectX is getting in the way.

“Being able to have total control over the machine is what the very best game developers want. By giving you access to the hardware at a very low level, you give developers a chance to innovate, and that’s going to put pressure on Microsoft.”

Huddy also believes that having to conform to universal standards has stifled creativity, saying: “The funny thing about introducing shaders in 2002 was that we expected that to create more visual variety in games, but actually people used shaders in the most obvious way. They’ve used shaders to converge visually, and lots of games have the same look and feel these days on PC.

“If we drop the API, then people really can render everything they can imagine, not what they can see.”
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Mar 4, 2006
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While probably true, isn't it AMD and nVidia's job to make sure developers HAVE low level access to the hardware? They're basically saying that the other guy doing their job isn't very good at it, or am I getting this wrong?
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%u201CWe have 10 times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or PS3...yet games don%u2019t look ten times as good.%u201D
Xbox is a platform with zero variations with it's hardware and the same can be said for PS3.

PCs, on the other hand, have literally thousands of variations with their hardware: one can't code specifically for each variation and thus need something common with all of them: the APIs.

They're far from perfect but considering they let us do all they do with so many different hardware components, they're a "necessary evil".

Wasn't there another thread about this?
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