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AMD K8L info & rumour mill

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by _33, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Here's a nice one!
    And INQ rumours and more rumours
    The K8L 4X4 approach official AMD info
    Hyper Transport 3 (HT3) rumours from France
    Some AMD slides
    From Dailytech
    AMD keynotes resumed
    Article at Pure Overclock on K8L

    * K8 revision F has 3 complex decoders, the rev G will have 4 (like Conroe)

    * 32 bytes prefetch (instead of 16 bytes on K8-F), an obvious step with the added SSE number crunching power.

    * OOO, or out-of-order L2 read/write buffer that expedites data neeeded for execution, equipped with an out-of-order load/store buffer (duh!)

    * 65nm SOI (we knew that, didn't we?)

    * Pacifica virtualization

    * Presidio

    * Possibility of integrating a co-processor

    * Surprisingly robust DDR-2 controller with an improved Crossbar and Arbitrator (???)

    * Everything else looks the same though, which means the same 3 INT, 3 AGU, and most importantly the same 3 FPU/SSE units which can deliver 2 x 64 bit results per clock cycle peak (*** This seems totally wrong ***)

    * It has a shared expandable L3 cache

    * Quad Core capability

    * Per core voltage control

    * The new core will support 48-bit addressing and 1GB pages

    * Hyper Transport 3.0 (4x 16 bit links instead of 3 x 16 bit, which will give 2.6 Ghz and up to 41.6 GB/s bandwidth as opposed to 1.4Ghz and 22.4 GB/s on HT2)

    * DICE (Dynamic Independent Core Engagement): Enables cores to be independently managed to save energy / heat dissimation, next step from Cool 'n' Quiet (?)).

    * DDR3 is in the wings when the spec 'settles down' (support for DDR3 ?)

    * RAS, another area where AMD is sorely lacking. It is addressing the major sore points with support for memory mirroring, data poisoning support, and HT retry.

    * It is doing the obvious doubling of SSE/FP resources, old news now (meaning 128 bit instead of 64 bit, AMD says DOUBLING of the FPU calculation power)

    * Added instructions; starting with the bit manipulation instructions LZCNT and POPCNT. It also added SSE extensions EXTRQ/INSERTQ and MOVNTSD/MOVNTSS. No word on SSE4 though.
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