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AMD Outlines Its 2012-2013 Client Roadmap, Big Focus is on APUs

Jul 10, 2010
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Did you miss where this is the 2012-2013 CLIENT (desktop and mobile) roadmap?

I don't think Mr. Read is dumb enough to ditch a processor segment that has some of the highest ASPs. It is possible that the server/workstation roadmap hasn't changed much. What this roadmap tells is that the 'Performance Desktop' segment will probably die with Vishera.

I don't know what you are reacting on D:

I'm just pointing out only G2012/C2012/FM2 chipsets compete with LGA2011/LGA1155
G34/C32/AM3+ only competes with LGA 1567/LGA 1366/LGA 1156 EOL'ed chipsets

Improvements in Power Consumption, PCIe Latency, and HDD/SSD performance down the drain with no Terramar, Sepang, and Komodo....AMD is dead in servers and workstations
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Feb 24, 2009
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Mar 23, 2005
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Improvements in Power Consumption, PCIe Latency, and HDD/SSD performance down the drain with no Terramar, Sepang, and Komodo....AMD is dead in servers and workstations
I am quite positive AMD's CEO is playing his cards right on this one, AMD is not leaving nor are they finished with the Server/Workstation market. It looks like they are taking a different approach by cancelling products in favour of others. Once AMD structures they've be offering new stuff for 2014+. IMO.

4-8 Piledriver CPU Cores for 2012 Desktops (Vishera)
4-8 Piledriver CPU Cores for 2013 Desktops (Vishera)

There's 3 Explanations in regards to sticking with Vishera 32nm.

1) This will give AMD time to fully "fix" the Bulldozer design in time for 2014's Steamroller :confused:
2) AMD wants to put less time in high performance desktop CPU's for 2012/2013 :eek:
3) They want to give the illusion that they are putting more time into mobile than desktop while secretly working on a monstrous CPU :D
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Nov 2, 2011
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I am glad that AMD is focusing on APU market. When they replace FPU on the CPU with GPU gores then they will have server market great product too. But hey they have great server CPUs too (price/performance ratio wise). Keep on AMD :)