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AMD Radeon HD 7790 CrossFire

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by W1zzard, Mar 21, 2013.

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    But you see...that vehicle is made by Toyota, they have been making cars for decades, they are also japanese not Taiwanese or chinese. That Toyota is an end result of something that has been road tested over and over again for years to meet road safety standards and whatever rules and regulations of the nation that it will be up for sale at.

    While Toyota may have plants in Taiwan or China it is still Japanese engineering (in a sense - but an engine is an engine)

    Cheap PSUs dont follow these rules and regulations. They might have the QA sticker stuck on them but dont forget that business like that are there just to turn a profit and exploit people such as yourself who dont have a lot of money or know little about hardware.

    the soldering jobs are usually half-assed. the circuitry they use inside to monitor and regulate voltages probably barely works and if it does it probably wont do it for long but you are lucky if it does.

    that QA sticker is not worth the paper its printed on. I know for a fact that the people who make them only hook it up once to make sure it powers their computer up before taking it out and packing it into a retail box for the next victim who comes along.

    Corsair, Thermaltake, Enermax, FSP, Antec, XFX, BeQuiet as well as other reputable brands, put their PSUs through lots of tests to make sure their products are meeting standards before they box and ship it to retailers.

    Toyota = trusted brand
    Unbranded/no name PSU = disaster waiting to happen.

    You clearly dont understand what im on about. you cant compare a Toyota with an unbranded no name PSU.

    If the toyota dies you have dealerships or garages with mechanics to fix it. You wont get that kind of support with an unbranded/no-name PSU first or second hand it doesnt matter, Its asking for trouble


    Not to dismiss the fact that with your hilux you are in insurance group 15-20 which aint cheap. you say you havent got any money to spare. Time to sell the car for something more cheaper perhaps?
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    Why Skyrim needs to be crossfired? Skyrim cant go higher than 60fps.
    WoW, cmon are you serious? Whats the need in this game for more than 30-40fps?
    Its more interessting that this 300bucks Setup beats a GTX670 in some fps Games.
    I just hope there will be more 2Gib Versions.
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    Ft Stewart
    Uhh . . . I think there a few problems with this philosophy. Unless you upgrade within a year the ability to find such card gets more and more unlikely with time. Plus by time they can (or want to) a new series of cards (or 2) will be available, basically the same amount of money can buy you a Graphics Card with a significant performance increase. Well that is outside a year, or whenever said GPU is discontinued. Finally drivers I can not speak enough about my experiences with multi GPU solutions, I dislike being reliant on drivers and game engines. That said if you have $150 now (say for your birthday) and $150 later (say for Christmas) its a great way to stretch a budget.

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