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AMD Radeon HD 7990 6144 MB


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Dec 6, 2007
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Does anyone know if they have resolved the coil noise? At $599 plus 8 games it's really hard to turn this down.
Not to my knowledge, but do check from other sources. This problem alone is a dealbreaker for me. How incredibly irritating.

Also, the CrossFire runt frames bug isn't fully fixed yet and judging by the amount of time it's taking to get there, I wouldn't hold my breath. IMO even a fully fixed driver will still have issues it shouldn't have and give you headaches.

If you really wanna go dual GPU, stick to nvidia. I've run this using different cards for some time now and it's always worked really well for me.
Jul 19, 2006
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Coil noise can happen with any card that uses them. It's not limited to brand, model, etc.


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Jan 9, 2011
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Jul 19, 2011
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Check out the tweaktown review of msi 280x in crossfire. The wipe the flor with every game. This is what the 7990 SHOULD of been.
Feb 19, 2006
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Oct 6, 2007
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Wow, coil noise... try gaming with 2 gtx480s running 100% fans.... I'd trade for one of these little beasties any day!
Jul 19, 2011
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yeah i guess so, initial reviews on tpu seemed like it was overly hot, overly power hungry, and had poor scaling on several games. Crossfire 280x looked to have near perfect scaling so it looks like they ad a better starting point on the drivers.