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AMD Starts Shipping 28 nm GPUs for Revenue

Mar 10, 2010
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Cooling 360EK extreme 360Tt rad all push/pull, cpu,NB/Vrm blocks all EK
Memory Gigabyte Aurus Rgb 16Gb in two sticks.
Video Card(s) Rx vega 64 waterblockedEK
Storage Ocz revox2 samsung 840, WD 1Tb+2Tb +3Tbgrn, 1tb seagate sshd hybrid(games)
Display(s) Samsung uea28"850R 4k freesync, LG 49" 4K 60hz ,Oculus
Case Lianli p0-11 dynamic
Audio Device(s) Xfi creative 7.1 on board ,Yamaha dts av setup
Power Supply corsair 1200Hxi
Mouse CM optane
Keyboard CM optane
Software Win 10 Pro
Benchmark Scores 8006 vega 3dmark timespy
self controls in tact here, till i see a review on tpu that is


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Oct 9, 2007
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Hopefully this won't flop like Bulldozer. At least they have fired their PR, so there won't be BS marketing. Let's hope for good availability at launch.
Yup. In their press briefing, I believe they spelled out the exact transistor count to the last digit (the entire 10-digit number), and it's not an abstract-looking/rounded-off 'x' followed by a number of zeroes.
Jan 2, 2009
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Motherboard *shrugs*
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Display(s) Built in
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Software Windows ten
The VILW5 arch really did suck, look at the 2900XT. ;)
That is why they slaped a crap load of shaders on the HD4800s.
Aye like AMD have admitted them selfs a lot of games would not activated all of the vliv5 design.

Typically only 3 of 5 were active.
Sep 11, 2009
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Reaching your left retina.
Aye like AMD have admitted them selfs a lot of games would not activated all of the vliv5 design.

Typically only 3 of 5 were active.
Actually, according to some tests from people at Beyond3D and Gamedev.net, it was actually close to 4 and that's what makes the most sense to be honest. Pixel operations are in RGBA, 4 shaders use. Vertex operations are made using vec4 too. VLIW5 was not completely used, although Ati's idea was to have one 4d + one 1d ops being made, it just didn't happen as often as they thought. In any case going to VLIW4 should have really fixed most of that.

For games VLIW didn't suck at all. It was not as efficient, but was far from sucking. GPGPU that's another story. I don't expect much more gaming performance from abandoning VLIW. 5-10% tops.