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AMD "Tahiti LE" to be Launched on November 27


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Oct 9, 2007
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AMD is planning to officially launch its new performance-segment SKU codenamed "Tahiti LE" on November 27. According to a new HT4U report, there won't be an AMD-reference design, and its AIB partners will be free to use their existing HD 7900 series boards to carve out the new SKU. We know from slightly older reports that "Tahiti LE" is being designed to occupy a price point between the Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition and the Radeon HD 7950, and will be a limited edition, launched in select markets, to cash in on the winter shopping season.

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Dec 21, 2009
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I'm interested too see.
Nov 2, 2012
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The performance between the 7870 and the 7950 is so small(only like 10%), why does there need to be a new gpu? Why not fill the gap between the 7770 and the 7850? Theres like a 50% difference there that should be filled with something, a 7XXX card that performs like a 6870 for $140 would be nice.

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Feb 6, 2007
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"LE" editions used to be half-bit memory bus and regular DDR rather than GDDR. Is this also a Laughable Edition?
Jun 25, 2012
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Intrusting to see, hopefully it might reduce the price of the HD 7850.
Oct 1, 2006
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This ain't majorly cut-down edition, just limited in quantity, much like the HD5830 or HD4830
Actually the 5830 is indeed a lame edition.


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May 13, 2008
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Why not fill the gap between the 7770 and the 7850? Theres like a 50% difference there that should be filled with something, a 7XXX card that performs like a 6870 for $140 would be nice.

That, one would assume, is the job of 8770.

Still hoping that is 896sp/192-bit. That would be a pretty rad little part, in theory.
Apr 19, 2011
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True sometime such geldings are castrated too much, and while they don't seem to have a place at the price some AIB's release them they can offer good BfB when price drops. This will actually shore up the pricing on 7870/7950’s for the next couple of months. I can't see why AMD waited... should've done this like 2 month ago.

I like the idea of holding 348-Bit but run less than 3Gb of memory, could they do 2Gb? I don’t see any AIB doing 1.5Gb, but if they speed it up I don’t think it wouldn't be that big of detriment at 1920x/1080p. It sure could hold to a very agressive price. Honestly it doesn't need to be all that much stronger than the 7870, but just give it that little extra "Hp" in shader's and pixel fillrate that a faster clock like say 900Mhz would yield... and price it at $240 –AR to start. Consider what it can look like against the GTX66Ti and its 192-Bit 2Gb in many titles like BF3, Skyrim, Alan Wake, Stalker at 1920x. Then what it would do to the GTX660 which to me is just adicquate for 1920x.

The best thing about this new card, we should see new data with the latest (Beta) drivers for both to see how everyone is performing. :rockout:
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Jan 28, 2009
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The performance between the 7870 and the 7950 is so small(only like 10%), why does there need to be a new gpu? Why not fill the gap between the 7770 and the 7850? Theres like a 50% difference there that should be filled with something, a 7XXX card that performs like a 6870 for $140 would be nice.

Something like a 768sp 7790 based on pitcairn.
Apr 19, 2011
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Something like a 768sp 7790 based on pitcairn
I don't think AMD has enough bad Pitcairn's to roll that out. Pitcairn's really have always appeared to achieve their design point and came from the foundries with strong yields. For the effort (money) invested AMD wouldn't see enough volume to be merit the effort. AMD can just reduce the 7850 1Gb to meet that demand... not do anything and come out ahead. Although, they dropped in a 6790 when there wasn’t much of a reason.

The only thing that could make it viable is if Nvidia went "full-crazy" across the board on GTS650Ti pricing like between $120-130 in the next couple of weeks. I mean really bring it to the 7770, making AMD have to respond with a price competitive part, then AMD might see it as a quick fix. Nvidia should have plenty of room on that "Smurf board" with cut-rate coolers to go for the throat, but that would go against the Green Team history. But heck this is the group that "went-all GTX680" for $500, which wasn't in their playbook. Had Nvidia struck when they release the GTS650Ti, that would've had me seeing an almost completely rehabilitated marketing, but nope they stuck to their obstinate ways!

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May 7, 2012
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This would be interesting if certain models are fully functional or are capable of crossfiring between both 7800 and 7900 series parts, aka the missing link card