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AMD Teases New TressFX Technology

Discussion in 'News' started by btarunr, Feb 25, 2013.

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    See Lara The Way It's Meant To Be Braid. (Totally a missed opportunity on Roy and Co.'s part)

    In all complete seriousness though, this is good...and I'll tell you why I think it matters beyond the ridiculous name.

    Who had tessellation in their gpus first? ATi.
    Who used it? Nobody.
    Whom capitalized on the feature? nvidia (Fermi gen).

    Who went for tremendous amounts of flops in their architecture first? ATi.
    Who took of advantage of it? Nobody.
    What happened next? We got proprietary physx and cuda on nvidia hardware using their lesser flops, but it made them oodles because they got behind united concepts of utilizing the flops in a productive way. Now, nvidia's arch has caught up in that respect.

    Seriously peeps. What this says is AMD is keeping it industry-standard with directcompute/opencl etc (which is GREAT), but capitalizing on using their innovations in a tangible way (with something even I didn't know was in their GPUs). This is a very key change is direction of what has always been wrong with (let's call them for the sake of clarity) ATi. Engineering and cool new tech has never been a problem for the red guys; it's a big part of why people like me have always liked their camp (That and their openness in the past to discuss low-level arch/design decisions and particulars with us laymen in forums like B3D/Rage3D etc and to people like Anand in the press...ATi always seemed like open and friendly engineers from top-to-bottom) but their marketing/software developer relations/adoption of their forward-thinking ideas always has been (and in many cases the same is true of AMD) absolutely terrible. In a lot of ways they were (and perhaps still are) a direct inverse of nvidia. ATi creates (crossfire, eyefinity etc etc etc) nvidia exploits (SLI, 'surround' etc etc etc). Marketing ALWAYS wins the battle, because perception is created by tangible examples of use. ATi was and has always been the Diamond Rio PMP300 to nvidia's Itunes.

    This is a serious step in the right direction. When you factor in the driver pushes lately, things may see a tremendous turn-around in reality, if not including eventually perception of their current (if not future) pushes forward in industry-first features. That is awesome, and truly worthy of discussion.
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