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AMD to Showcase B3 Phenoms at CeBIT 2008


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Nov 7, 2004
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Due to the TLB (translation lookaside buffer) bug, AMD has postponed the launch of its upcoming quad-core Phenom 9700 and 9900 CPUs to the second quarter of 2008, however the company is planning to showcase them at CeBIT 2008 along with the fixed B3 stepping Phenoms, according to DigiTimes citing sources at the motherboard makers. AMD will also showcase the energy-efficient Phenom 9100e. Advanced Micro Devices is confident that it has solved the bug in the B3 stepping revision, but since the company has not yet revealed an actual shipment date for the new stepping, it is unclear whether the showcase will also mark the new beggining of the AMD Phenom epoch. CeBIT 2008 will take place in Hannover Germany 4-9 March, 2008.

Source: DigiTimes


Hope They learnd from the past!
And do the right thing!

So B3 is solved and ready for take off!

Intel reaction would price drops and I become my Q6600 for a little cheaper!


von kain

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Sep 13, 2006
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my guess is that it is like atholon once again...


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Jul 9, 2006
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If it is, then thats a good thing. Being like the athlon. I think the next step of the phenom will be more competitive with Intels Quads.
Feb 17, 2007
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well B3 is supposed to overclock really well also.
Where did you hear that? I've heard the same thing, but I haven't been able to find any reliable sources saying so...
May 16, 2007
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It had better overclock better, or AMD is in trouble with alot of user's like us... The Q6600 can be tooken to 3.2GHz+, with the current Phenom's barely reaching 2.7GHz. I would love to see a 3.5+GHz Phenom though, may be asking much, but it would be awsome:D....Please B3, bring me a 3.5GHz Phenom:love:
Oct 7, 2006
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If any hit 3.5 I would be surprised, maybe the new BE if there is one. That would make a fantastic chip.
Aug 7, 2007
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Indeed it would, makes me think if the new phenoms are going to put a fight with wolfdale/yorkfield. Might have to wait to see some performance numbers before settling with an E8400/8500