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AMD: upgrade now or wait for something better?

Apr 7, 2009
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Hi, I'd like to upgrade with AMD and I've research a little but I'm still doubtful...

I currently have 2 pcs, the main has Q6600@3.2GHz and I'd like to upgrade the second one with some AMD cpu (because I already have an AM3+ motherboard) but I want it to be really faster than kentsfield build, in order to turn it into main pc, ok.-

According with this chart, the new cpu should be at least 3 tiers higher than my OCed Q6600.
My recent hystory with cpu upgrade has been as follows...
X2 5400+@2.8GHz
????? (still looking for)

All these changes have been only 2 tier higher than previous cpu, but I really noticed the difference when applied some oc.
3 tiers higher than Q6600 means that upgrade should be something at i5 2500/2300's level but there's not something like that so far in AMD area.

  • A)I was thinking about Phenom II X4 975 (2 tiers higher) which cost 160$.
  • B)But X4 955 can be found at 112$ and it can reach the 975 by unlocking multiplier, right?
  • C)Or maybe X4 960T at 125$ and apply some OC, in addition it can be unlocked to X6.
  • D)I also want try a new FX cpu but I don't want to spend over 160$, so FX-4100 at 130$ could fit into what I'm looking for but there's too little reviews of it to compare it to X4 975.
  • E)Wait until AMD releases new FX models (or drop prices of current models) and compare again.
Please, help me to decide beacuse I don't want to buy a new cpu and get the same performance that I currently have.
Thanks in advanced ;)

PD: Plaese Try to avoid suggestions like "i5 2500k or something"; beacuase I have a Am3+ mobo that I really like and want to keep it and use it.
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Jan 1, 2009
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Feb 21, 2005
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Why not try and get some more out of your Q6600? It should still be a capable chip.


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Mar 17, 2007
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Wait just a little bit longer. You got X79 coming out next month. There still may be needing to fix current bioses for AMD FX cpu's also. Gives you a little extra time to wait and see what happens.
Sep 21, 2011
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An i5-2500k would be the best upgrade from a Q6600 @ reasonably low cost, and excellent overclocking.

If you're wanting AMD, for a quad core, go with the 960T; even if it doesn't unlock to x6, you've got the Thuban IMC overclockability to the 3ghz range, which is better than a Deneb x4. It'll perform better as a quad than a Deneb quad.
For a hexa core, 1090T or 1100T; although for overclocking, there's not much difference, the 1100T most likely has slightly better efficiency at higher clocks.
Aug 11, 2011
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Mar 26, 2010
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C)Or maybe X4 960T at 125$ and apply some OC, in addition it can be unlocked to X6.
maybe im gonna take c.
but since the fx look promising i may wait for little more