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AMD "Zen" and Intel "Kaby Lake" will Only Support Windows 10 and *nix

Oct 10, 2009
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From a UI perspective, my main beef is not the "lack of" control panel, but the fact that we basically have two.
It gets better when it doesn't index the settings properly and you have to manually locate them...

Having said that, however, when it does work, settings can be found rather quickly using the search in both Start and the Settings app.
May 29, 2013
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Then again, stop hanging on to OS released 6 years ago... which is especially silly if you're running a brand new system.
No it is not silly because Microsoft are braindead and make worse and worse OS as time goes on.

It's simple. 98% of Windows 7's userbase is either too inept to upgrade and/or fears something may go wrong during the upgrade process or simply doesn't care about it at all. Whereas probably only as little as 1% of the users do not upgrade because they don't want to compromise their principles about privacy. And the other 1% left have their own weird reasons for doing so...

Edit: This post is adressing the public side of things. Businesses have different reasons for not upgrading (mainly $$$).
No, the inept ones got windows 10 shoved during the automatic updates period.
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Dec 13, 2011
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I know the title says it will work with *Nix, but would that exclude older versions? Say like someone was running Ubuntu 10.04 would the new CPU'S be fully supported? Technically it should since the kernel can be updated. Right?
Aug 20, 2007
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As long as you stop using a CPU architecture X86 that is over 30 years old.
Pretty much all architectures are over 30 years old now. At least Intels microarchitecture is modern.
Oct 2, 2004
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As long as you stop using a CPU architecture X86 that is over 30 years old.
That's like saying 4 stroke engines are the same as those from 100 years ago. Yes, principle is the same, but today's engines output ridiculous amounts of power compared to old ones at lower cylinder capacities. Electronic control (ECU), advanced valve control, electronic injection, more efficient high pressure injection, supercharging/turbocharging etc. Principle is the same, but the engines have evolved miles ahead.

Same is with x86. Architecture is the same, but CPU's that we have today are miles away from what CPU's used to be 20 or 30 years ago. Way higher clocks, superior IPC, multithreading (SMT), multicore, specialized instructions, faster and bigger caches, higher external bus width, wider memory access "highway", 64bit, more efficient power control and delivery etc. People think changing architecture will just magically give performance. Maybe. With tons of work and complete incompatibility with everything we have today. Which is one of the strongest points of x86 even if it's "old" architecture. I mean, if you compare a modern 8 core at 4GHz to a x86 CPU from 1989, it would be considered as a supercomputer that used to take space over half a room and probably still wasn't as fast. Now it's ticking in a miniATX case the size of two shoe boxes. Not quite the same, right?
Nov 29, 2011
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What's wrong with pressing windows key+x and clicking control panel? Easy enough for me
Mar 24, 2011
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Jul 9, 2015
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Microsoft learn how to do these lovely Apple twists, eh?
It is CPUs that support OSes these days, not other way round, right?

Problem with Win10 (in principle, faster) vs Win7 is that it's next to freaking impossible to stop it ringing back home. On top of it, it keeps and keeps torturing HDD (very noticeable if not on SSD) and keeps rolling over drivers you were happy with, unless you do this and that and something else.

P.S. I don't really care about the spying hystery - I can take care of it myself.
It's harder than you think as thing keeps ringing home even if it cannot resolve DNS names.
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