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Ampere on 1709

Jun 8, 2021
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Is there any way to make a RTX 3070 work on Windows 1709?
1803 is the earliest version that allows driver installation for Ampere.
Can you think of any workaround to bypass that?
Feb 6, 2021
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why whould you even want to try that?
Jun 8, 2021
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I multiboot a few Windows 10 versions for different purposes and my 1709 is a tightly configured, well-running system (partly because it is so old) which would take a lot of effort to transfer to a newer version.
To maintain functionality not only on the newer versions, I must ensure the nvidia drivers (I assume at least 457.09) working on 1709.
If a workaround is viable, it would spare me a lot of hassle.


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May 14, 2004
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We originally talked in PM discussion, I recommended taking it public to document progress/lettings others interact

W1zzard said:
Yeah you could try editing the INF file to remove the OS version requirement. The INF structure and format is documented on Microsoft's pages.

The easiest approach is to use NVCleanstall to unpack the driver, when the Tweaks page is visible, go to NVCleanstall work directory and edit the inf file (don't close NVCleanstall). Once you've made your changes, pick the remove telemetry option under expert tweaks, which will rebuild the digital signature on everything, so you can install it.

hans_glans said:
Thanks, that sounds promising!

I also found this thread https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/...ia-driver-for-rtx3080-on-windows-1709.293311/ but it doesn't seem like it's been confirmed working really.
Have you seen it work?

W1zzard said:
Yeah this is pretty much what I'm proposing. Haven't seen any feedback on it yet

hans_glans said:
Would this result in any functionality issues or anti-cheat problems regarding driver signing?
Overall, if this works, this means the ampere limitation on 1803+ is unnecessarily enforced, right?

I can't find anyone willing to try it unfortunately.

W1zzard said:
functionality issues
No way to know without trying

anti-cheat problems regarding driver signing?
Not if you tick the "signing method compatible with EasyAntiCheat" box

ampere limitation on 1803+ is unnecessarily enforced, right?
I think it has to do with RT support on earlier OS versions, but if you don't plan on using RT it should be fine

hans_glans said:

Yes, RT seems to be the culprit.
I get their approach but some games showed that simply disabling RT features on 1709 works while other games won't even launch. It's a shame.
I think I found someone to test it.

Can you help with more specifics regarding the acronyms?
View attachment 253539

W1zzard said:
there's various *.inf files in the extracted folder, these are text files, edit them