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Annual Extreme Overclocking Event 2010 by Battlenet Pefkakia

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by BenchZowner, May 16, 2010.

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    Me and Crio got invited to bench live at an internet cafe called Battlenet a few days ago, unfortunately I got most of the stuff just one day before the event ( today ) so I didn't do everything I wanted to, only had time to create a few OS images, spray the GTX 480 with conformal spray, insulate the mobo & the VGA and pack my stuff and hit the road.
    I wanted to mod and use lots of stuff ( Gigabyte 5870 SOC, the GTX480, dual 5970's, a second mobo, etc ) but I just couldn't.

    As usual whenever I have an event it'll be on a rainy day, and today was one of the same :rofl:

    My Intel Core i7 980X E.S. ( B1 revision, Q4EG ) is a bad clocker, very low CBB & CB ( -116C CBB, -123C CB ), has some issues with high voltages ( won't work at any Vcore over 1.64V* [ worked just once at 1.7V ] ) and also struggles with high UnCore clocks.
    Very weird chip.
    With HT on I could run wPrime 32M at 5.7GHz at -120C @ 1.7V, and AquaMark 3 at 5.7GHz at -118C @ 1.7V until... a restart later it stopped working at any voltage over 1.64V :p
    With that limit, I can't say it doesn't clock well, but generally it sucks.
    AquaMark 3 at 5.65GHz at -118C @ 1.63V
    3D Mark03 at 5.52GHz at -121C @ 1.64V

    I only saved 2 or 3 screenshots and 3D Mark project files ( think I missed the best one at 125k :( gotta check the OS disk later ), but Jason a good friend of mine was there to do what he does best, take some pictures with his camera :D

    Let's see what we have for now:

    HWbot score ( best I found at the secondary HDD )

    Earlier ( yet slower :p: ) score screenie:






    ( left to right ) BenchZowner, Crio pre-testing

    Zafiropo ( 2nd person from the right ) and Stelios a.k.a. Stelaras ( 1st person from the right ) getting a photo for the lucky draw ( Zafiropo won a HD5830 )

    Crio working on the MSI 890FX GD70 or something :p: , no comment :p:

    Sofos1990 playing with my setup

    My students :p:

    Une attraction ? :D

    Too bad Jason erased a great paparazzi-like AWESOME photo he took of another chick :D ( damn you man! )

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