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Antec 900 fan duct mod.

Apr 23, 2006
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Hi guys. Time for some modding.:)

After seeing this on the internet i decided to make one myself.:)
I use a piece of aluminum 2mm, a sewer pipe 130mm, 2 component glasfiber compound, body filler, sanding paper (job pak), duplicolor primer and black paint and one Aerocool Turbine 120 mm fan.

-First cut out the aluminum to the right size. So that it would fit in my front bays.
-After sanding the edges i marked a hole in the center.
-Cut the 130 mm hole out with a dremel.
-I took a sewer pipe that is used to conect 2 pipes together. They have a nice round end at both sides.
-I cut it to the right size and placed thrue the aluminum.
-Mixed the glasfiber with the hardner and slowly worked around the egde of the pipe gluing it to the aluminum. Once i thought it had the right shape i began sanding it down untill it was smooth.
-Then i put on the body filler to remove little holes and scratches.
-Sprayed it the first time very thin. removed spray dust. After four times doing that i got this result.

I hope you like it. It's is not positioned right yet. I have to make a mounting bracket for it.:D
Oh yeah sorry about the crappy pics, i really need a better camera.:p

Edit: This week i am gonna spray the inside of my case to.:rockout:




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Mar 20, 2007
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sick ass mod looks like a jet plane lol good luck ;)
Jun 29, 2006
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THAT LOOKS FLIPPEN SWEET :rockout: ................ CAN I HAVE IT :D