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Antec P8


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Jul 8, 2005
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The Antec P8 is a compact chassis at a decent price that comes equipped with three white LED fans, four individual SSD trays, and a 4-mm-thick glass side panel. With its nice and clean looks, the P8 could be a serious crowd pleaser, so join us as we take a closer look!

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Aug 2, 2007
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Thank you for the review.

I can't help but notice that the front panel is quite restrictive to airflow (no vents on the top and right sides). It must have been an aesthetic choice?
Dec 15, 2006
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The magnetic filter on top is a "meh..." I've got mine stuck to the inside of the back-side panel--the top's for exhaust! Shouldn't be a "positive" attribute. I'd rather the money be spent on a good intake filter that actually does some filtering. I hate metal mesh filters. I hate them even more when they stick that horrible foam behind them, lol.... I guess the fact that it's magnetic is a plus, all the easier to pull it off and stick it to the inside of your back-side panel.

At least there's a good front filter for the intake... although popping the font off to clean it ever month will kill the plastic front panel mounts eventually. It would be cool if the front opened up like a door, but what do you expect for the price.

Also, the breakout covers for the back slots is a bit of a letdown. I swear, every time I try to get them bastards out of there I already have a motherboard installed and it takes and eternity.....

Otherwise, it's an alright case. At least you get a light-up logo in the front! :D
Jan 16, 2008
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The two 3.5" drive bays should have been included in the thumbs down column. I would never buy a case with anything less than 4 or 5. Some trends aren't for the better and this is one of them.


May 22, 2015
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The two 3.5" drive bays should have been included in the thumbs down column. I would never buy a case with anything less than 4 or 5. Some trends aren't for the better and this is one of them.
Hear, hear. My 10 yo case has 6 of them.
Though Corsair offers some SSD trays that can fit two drives in the space for one HDD, having only 2 bays is still not a plus of this case.
Jan 7, 2013
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I'd add another "plus", those front-facing USB ports. If you've ever spilled coffee on the top of a case with up-facing USB ports you know why. :)
Oct 15, 2010
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I woul like someone to answer me this: why the f*** are the cases coming with more space for ssd and less for hdd? i mean, i have 3 hdd and only one ssd that's for the os, why would i need 4 ssd?, aren't hdd's more needed if someone already have one or two?, right now none of the modern cases have more than 2 slots for hdd's, none of them can i buy