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Any good coding/programming software for young kids?

Jun 24, 2013
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Any newbie young or old can benefit from looking at GREAT code that does everything a Searcher wants.
It is spaghetti and not to be feared.
It's all in 1 program
Learn to flowchart too.
I needed to do a flow chart when fixing the line wrap and highlight routine.
You'll need a PC and a copy of msvb50vm.dll
Then Nobody but Nobody can stop you.
This is fun app and has many possibilities. Go for it.


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Nov 3, 2021
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Apparently my 7 year old took to some coding/programming software they play with at school like a fish to water. I think it's called Pattern Shapes Scratch Jr.

Only coding I ever did was intro to C, C+ and VB classes. I hated it. It wasn't hard to pick up, just dull/tedious and not what I wanted to do with my time...and those classes I took were almost 15 years ago. I haven't looked into anything since.

Anyone have young kids that are into this kind of thing and know of any good programs I could look into?
Try Scratch
Jul 15, 2022
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Rebol is the easiest programming language of the 'complete programming languages'.

It is also the most productive language, usually the lack of libraries that you miss is compensated by the fact that you can program something four times faster than with Python, and the difference with Java and JS is much more dramatic than 'factor four'.


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Jan 28, 2012
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I would focus less on a particular language or software and focus on learning logic and control structures. In which case, 7 Billion Humans might be a good introduction to computation while still being a fun game.


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Jul 2, 2007
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