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Apacer Announces the Thunderbird Series Overclocking Memory

Dec 6, 2011
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Thunderbird is the ruler of sky in American Indian legends that the spreading of his wings summoning hurricane and thunder, changing the color of the sky! The heroic posture of thunderbird inspired Apacer Technology to the design of memory modules, developing the spectacular overclocking artifact in such a mythological creature class - Thunderbird overclocking memory module!

With a clock rate up to DDR3-2933, 8-layer PCB in supreme quality, special aluminum thunderbird wing-shaped heat spreading module, and the blue/ orange/red/ black color to go with other colors of the overclocking motherboard of major brand on the market, the Thunderbird overclocking memory will definitely build a dazzling personal overclocking platform.

"Overclocking players very much emphasize efficiency and overclocking stability, while pursuing an exceptional appearance of overclocking system. The Thunderbird overclocking memory boasts the advanced overclocking technology of Apacer and ingeniously integrates the image of legendary thunderbird into the module design, making breakthrough in the field of overclocking memory to satisfy requirements of players," David Lin, Senior Manager of Apacer's PC Application Product Division indicated.

Clock Rate Up to DDR3-2933
Apacer Thunderbird series overclocking memory is designed for top-notch overclocking players, supporting Intel Haswell processor and Z87 motherboard.It adopts supreme original memory chip with a strict screening process, featuring the premium overclocking efficiency and stability of the time. The product lines offering various clock rate including DDR3-1600/ DDR3-2133/ DDR3-2400/ DDR3-2666/ DDR3-2800/ DDR3-2933 with a single 4 GB/8 GB capacity and dual-channel package of 8 GB(4 GB x 2)and 16 GB(8 GB x 2) portfolio, provides comprehensive choices for players.

Thunderbird series overclocking memory is equipped with the 8-layer PCB designed for overclocking, efficiently reducing noise interference, enhancing signal quality and overclocking stability. With its high clock rate, efficient heat dissipation and short latency and low voltage, it would be the most powerful gadget for overclocking players.

4 Colors with Metal Luster, Delivering Outstanding Performance
In the field of overclocking, players think highly of speed and appearance. The Thunderbird series overclocking memory features both remarkable efficiency and stylish profile. The designer team of Apacer was inspired by thunderbird - the legendary mythical creature in American Indian ancient tale spreading for thousand years.Thus, it makes special aluminum sculpture of a flying thunderbird with deterrent force, perfectly integrating technology, myths and aesthetic experience.

To go with colorful motherboard of each main-stream overclocking motherboard manufacturer on the market, Thunderbird series overclocking memory rolls out four colors-blue,orange,red and black at one time for players to build customized glaring personal overclocking platform.
Nov 11, 2004
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The Chinglish is strong with Apacer...
Nov 8, 2012
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"Thus, it makes special aluminum sculpture of a flying thunderbird with deterrent force, perfectly integrating technology, myths and aesthetic experience."

wat? :confused:


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Sep 14, 2013
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Everything from the rainbow-style stickers to heatsink shape/design just doesn't do it for me...high speed it may be, but the looks just scream "blegh" :wtf: