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Apack ZeroTherm BTF90 Short Review (AM2)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bruins004, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. bruins004 New Member

    Sep 27, 2005
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    I know some of you guys have asked how good this cooler was.
    Well I figured I would give a quick review of this.


    35-887-002-06 Package.jpg

    Here is the package.
    When opened it is very nicely and tightly packed so nothing will get damaged.
    The heatsink itself is packaged in a plastic package which is nice and tight so there is no movement and damage when it is shipped.

    35-887-002-02 Front.jpg

    Here is the Heatsink.
    It is smaller than the Scythe Ninja, but slightly bigger than the AC Pro.

    35-887-002-05 Brackets.jpg

    Here are the brackets that come with the heatsink.
    It comes with an AM2 bracket, Intel Bracket, Backplate, Thermal Paste and a nice colorful manual.
    The colorful manual is very descriptive and helpful (esp. for novices).
    It shows step by step on how to attach the brackets and heatsink.

    The ONE thing they do no mention in other reviews is that this heatsink does come with a backplate.
    However, the backplate is ONLY needed for use with INTEL CPUs.
    For this reason and the way the Intel Bracket is put on, makes installation slightly hard for Intel CPUs.


    Yes the Heatsink does look like a Butterfly from the top :)
    However, if you notice the plastic piece at the top.
    This holds the fan and will be needed the be removed in order to attach the Intel Bracket.

    35-887-002-04 Bottom.jpg
    The bottom of this heatsink is Copper (like the rest of it).
    If you notice there are 4 small screw holes there.
    All you need to do is screw the bracket in with these four screws.
    It is extermely easy to do.
    Just take care when doing this since you dont want to bend one of the fins.
    Like it is told to you in the manual.
    Just lie the heatsink down on its back and then screw in the AM2 / Intel bracket.

    Now I must say this was the easiest heatsink I have ever installed.
    If you are used to installing OEM heatsinks, then this will be a breeze.
    All you had to do for an AM2 installation was to put one of the wholes (the side without the clip) into one of the inserts on the AM2 retention bracket.
    Then on just pull the side with the clip to secure it.
    It took about 5 min. to put the bracket onto the heatsink, apply thermal paste and put the heatsink on.

    For this alone, this cooler was well worth the money

    This heater is really nice for mid towers with a side fan installed.
    It is not as big as the Sycthe Ninja or Thermalright Ultra so it will easily fit.
    Also, this heatsink was designed so if you memory slots or any other mobo component is close to this heatsink, there wont be a problem installing it.
    That is due to the fact that the base is long and thin so this could be possible.

    Also, please note that this cooler falls right below the Scythe Ninja and Thermalright Ultra 120. These CPU coolers are 2-3 C cooler.

    Red LED 92mm fan (nice for windows)
    Easy Installation
    Easy to follow and colorful guide
    Medium sized heatsink so it can easily fit cases (esp. ones with side fans)
    Silent Fan
    Flat Surface on the bottom
    Very good at cooling

    Just like a finned heatsinks, easy to damage
    Hard to find at retailers and e-tailers
    Shape might not appeal to people

    EDIT: Please critique my review as this is my first one.
    Again I am sorry for the pictures, but I currently do not have a camera on me.

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  2. ktr


    Apr 7, 2006
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    I am glad you like that heatsink...
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  3. bruins004 New Member

    Sep 27, 2005
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    Yes very glad.
    I have had some nightmare 3rd party coolers and the OEM sux getting on and off and does a mediocre job.

    Thanks for recommending this one.
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