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Apple's iOS 6 maps system is luring motorists into danger, police warn

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I wonder if they even teach kids how to read maps anymore. I remember when I was in school they would teach us how to read maps, use a compass, balance check books, mail letters. They haven't even taught my kids how to write cursive yet. I had to start teaching them. Also the "history" they learn is so PC it makes me sick and they learn so LITTLE about how the world and government really works. Most think the president makes the laws. :laugh:
Dude they never taught me that shit when I was in grade school haha. I have close to zero sense of direction.
Sep 8, 2012
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Dude they never taught me that shit when I was in grade school haha. I have close to zero sense of direction.
The Australian education system is ok in some areas, other then the fact that they just got the results back from a survey that states that 25% of grade 4 student are below reading and writing standards. Though the education is good, I remember getting my cursive writing pen licence. Yes in Australia now for school you have to do "Outdoor Education" camps, where they teach you all the map reading, compass work. Though most of my knowledge is from camping with my father.


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Feb 6, 2007
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Dude they never taught me that shit when I was in grade school haha. I have close to zero sense of direction.
Ha ! Sense of direction is an innate ability, not something learned. Put on a blindfold and spin around in circles a couple of times and then guess which direction you are facing. If you get it right more often than not you have a good sense of direction. :)

@TMM : Do they even teach Geography in schools any more? We had to label al the states on a blank US map AND fill in all the state capitals and know where major cities were located.
Now days US kids can't even find their own home on a map. :mad: