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ARCHOS Announces GamePad, a Gaming Tablet That Revolutionizes Android Gaming


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Oct 9, 2007
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ARCHOS, an award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, is proud to announce their first gaming tablet. This new type of tablet, the GamePad, combines gaming controls with Android for a full tablet and gaming experience in one. Gamers will not only have access to all their favorite games, they will also have access to email, Internet, apps and more through one device.

The GamePad features a 7-inch, capacitive screen, physical control buttons and analog sticks. This Google certified tablet has full access to Google Play for the tens of thousands of games available, runs a dual-core processor @ 1.5 GHz combined with a Mali 400mp quad-core GPU. In addition, the GamePad includes automatic game recognition and mapping tools – patented technology to ensure control compatibility with every advanced Android game.

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Sep 13, 2008
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Doodle jump with game pad = WIN! :laugh:


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Apr 29, 2012
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So, it's a 7-inch PSP?

Dec 6, 2005
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So, it's a 7-inch PSP?

Much more open... the sky is the limit for applications (and free ones at that)

However many games originally did not include physical control mapping, which is why ARCHOS developed their mapping and game recognition tool; a patented technology that allows any virtual controls to be mapped the GamePad’s physical control buttons.

“Thanks to the mapping and automatic game recognition systems included on the GamePad, we already have over a thousand android games compatible with the ARCHOS GamePad’s physical controls, including back catalog titles that originally didn’t include physical controls,” continued Crohas.
Seeing the front page, that was the first thing I was thinking about. Since AOs has keyboard support, I wonder why they didn't just map some of the keys?

Also wonder if this thing has a GPS receiver.
Oct 2, 2005
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Yea this is a load of crap i can hook a controller up to my phone or tablet and play the good games that don't exist on android without this.:rolleyes:
Dec 2, 2009
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I saw the video which is on the screen on youtube while i was searching for OpenGL
It was about tomb raider, how its graphics should be, cannot remember well.
Jun 23, 2011
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ARCHOS, an award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, is proud to announce their first gaming tablet.

Wait... they've won awards for their junk? Most sales on unsuspecting idiots buying from places like K-Mart?
May 14, 2012
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Wait... they've won awards for their junk? Most sales on unsuspecting idiots buying from places like K-Mart?
Yes they are pure junk. Would never buy this because of the brand. Plus I'll think I'll stick to console (for the time being) and PC gaming, these crappy handheld games don't hold my attention for more than 20 minutes