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Arctic Announces Four New Universal Graphics Card Coolers


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Oct 9, 2007
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Arctic Cooling announced four new graphics card coolers, the Accelero Hybrid II-120, the Accelero Xtreme IV, the Accelero Xtreme IV 280, and the Accelero Twin Turbo III, pictured below in that order. The Accelero Hybrid II-120, as its name might suggest, is a combination of an air and liquid cooling solution. It combines a large heatsink that cools memory and VRM; and a closed-loop GPU cooler, with a 120 mm radiator assembly. The cooler supports all modern graphics cards, including those based on NVIDIA's GK110 (eg: GTX 780 Ti), GK104 (eg: GTX 760), GK106 (eg: GTX 660); and AMD's "Hawaii" (eg: R9 290X), "Tahiti" (eg: R9 280X), and "Pitcairn/Curacao" (eg: R9 270X). Arctic is pricing this cooler at $130.

Moving on, there's the Accelero Xtreme IV. It features a similar backside heatsink to the Accelero Hybrid II-120, which cools the memory and VRM; while the GPU is cooled by a large aluminium fin-stack heatsink. The heatsink confines to two expansion slots, but is taller than a standard full-height add-on card. The heatsink is 288 mm long, 104 mm tall, and 54 mm thick. It features two aluminium fin stacks arranged along the length of the heatsink, to which heat drawn from the GPU is conveyed by five 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes. The heatsink is ventilated by three 92 mm fans that each have 4-pin PWM control. The Accelero Xtreme IV supports all the GPUs that the Accelero Hybrid II-120 does. It's priced at $100.

Next up, is the Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X). A variant of the Accelero Xtreme IV, and is largely identical, but features a retention module that's optimized for graphics card based on AMD's "Tahiti" GPU. That includes the HD 7900 series (barring the dual-GPU HD 7990), the R9 280X, and the R9 280. It's priced at $100. Lastly, there's the Accelero Twin Turbo III. It features the very same backside heatsink design as the other three coolers, but a huge, tall heatsink for the GPU, with a dense aluminium fin stack, which unlike on the Accelero Xtreme IV, features fins arranged along the height of the heatsink, to which heat is fed by five 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes. The heatsink is ventilated by a pair of 92 mm fans, the same ones found on the Accelero Xtreme IV. Measuring 217 mm long, and a whopping 122 mm tall, the heatsink is 53 mm thick. It can handle thermal loads of up to 250W. Its GPU support list is similar to that of the Accelero Xtreme IV, except that it lacks support for AMD "Hawaii" and "Tahiti" based cards. Arctic doesn't recommend overclocking, if you decide to use it on a GTX TITAN Black, GTX 780 Ti. It's priced at $80.
Mar 26, 2010
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wow, their triple fans cooler looks nice
Apr 4, 2008
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How does the backplate cool the memory and vrm? Through the PCB? Sounds sketchy not having direct contact but they must think it will work to ship it.
May 9, 2013
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How does the backplate cool the memory and vrm? Through the PCB? Sounds sketchy not having direct contact but they must think it will work to ship it.
Maybe, maybe not. This reviewer found significant VRM temp improvements with a specific backplate on a 290x. While i wouldn't trust it alone to cool VRM's; as a universal GPU block user, this could be exciting as a supplement to traditional 'stick-on' sinks



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Apr 19, 2012
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The accelero hybrid v1 is £120 for us in the UK, I hope the v2 version stays low for us, I'd be interested in grabbing one.
Aug 2, 2012
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How does the backplate cool the memory and vrm? Through the PCB? Sounds sketchy not having direct contact but they must think it will work to ship it.
The back is passively cooled thru the PCB by the Backplate, while the Cooler itself still blows air against the PCB from the other side.

I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

These days there is rarely need to up the Voltage for an proper OC aswell.


The only issue i see is that it could be hard to remove your Videocard if the PCI-E Slot has one of those push back clips. Which gets completely covered by the 2 CM tall Heatsink.

But perhaps it's just in between the second Gap.

It wont stop me from buying yet another Arctic Cooler on my future GTX 880 :) I been using them for years now and they never failed me.
Nov 30, 2009
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Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV. No pics of them installed yet as I'm waiting on a Fractal Design Define XL R2, which should be here tomorrow. My current case isn't big enough :lol:

I have to say this is the easiest aftermarket cooler I have ever installed. No awkward angles to fiddle with, simply install the thermal tape on the back of the card, attach the screws to the front heatsink, feed front heatsink through the card, attach back plate, tighten down, secure clamps to side of card, and done.

With one card installed at GPU at 1270MHz core, Mem not overclocked I'm getting 26C idle (down from 34C) and 56C load (Down from 92C). Previous load temps were with the card at 1170MHz core, any higher and it would crash and I had to have the fan at 100%, very loud, though this was with 2 cards in SLI, will have to wait till tomorrow to see if I can achieve 1270MHz in SLI.

The main reason for me doing this is the noise at load with 2 780 Ti's overclocked is a little annoying to say the least. I have open-ear headphones and I can hear the cards while I'm gaming. Can't here the fans on this even at 100%.
May 2, 2013
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I am going to be ordering the Accelero Extreme 7970 soon for my 7950. The stock gigabyte windforce3 cooler is decent, but the fans are LOUD above 60%. The Accelero is dead quiet even at 100% (much like with all Arctic Cooling products. I have an AC on my processor right now.) Plus the Accelero has 2 more copper heatpipes.
I can't push my voltage and overclock without the temps shooting way up or the fans going like banshees..
Jun 27, 2011
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I had the artic xtreme 7970, on my 7970 for awhile. The core temps were great, staying around 55c, but vrm temps were pretty bad. I am glad to see they are addressing this issue.


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Jun 23, 2007
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Screw Artic they used to be good but all they done over the years is priced high and cheapened the smaller heatsinks that they used to make screw on.
Jan 17, 2006
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I hope they make those back-plates available/compatible/affordable for those of us with the previous hybrid.