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Are TechPowerUp free softwares, GPU-Z,etc. free for organizations and business users?


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Feb 14, 2013
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Are the free softwares provided by TechPowerUp, such as GPU-Z,
RealTemp, etc., also free for organizations and business users? Are
they open-source files? Are there any conditions that users need to
know of when they use these softwares?

Thank you very much for your kind help!
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Please direct these inquires to W1zard who, to my knowledge, owes all right to GPU-Z. The other software is owned by others and simple hosted on TPU's download servers. YOu would need to go to their respective home sites for further information.
Mar 6, 2008
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The gist of what Wiz would probably say about GPU-Z is "as long as you don't sell it, claim it as your own, blame it/TPU/Wiz for any complications/failures/damages, expect support, reverse engineer it, use it in an otherwise illegal manner."


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all our software is free for personal and commercial use. don't claim it as your own, dont sell it. if you modify it, don't redistribute it, rather tell us about your modification.

the source code is not available

our software comes with no warranty

if you do illegal things with it, and get caught, don't blame us. feel free to tell your story though :)


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Jun 1, 2008
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Just to confirm, RealTemp is also free for personal or commercial use. The next version is almost ready to keep the TPU download counters going up for another year.

I finally got around to fixing RealTemp so it is compatible with the Windows 7 hide the icons feature. No more disappearing system tray / notification area icons.

Good luck finding another program that can accurately monitor the CPU and GPU while putting such a tiny load on your CPU. More features, less bloat. :)