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Are These GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770?

May 19, 2009
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I guess if it's close to a rebrand then OpenCL performance isn't going to miraculously match or better AMD's cards?
Sep 19, 2012
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God I really hope nVidia and AMD (in the high end department) fail miserably with these products and tactics...

However awful the days of GF 9800GX2 or RHD 4870 X2 or GTX 295 where... I kinda miss them now...


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Sep 28, 2011
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Cards look great mimicking Titan's looks!
also, apparently imminent launch of 700 series is turning out to be true after all...
found this (allegedly leaked nV slide)

MxPhenom 216

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Aug 31, 2010
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Longmont, CO
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GTX770 will MSRP at $500 same a the 680 did. And while the cooler might appear Titan like, something tells me at least the GTX770 won't be of the same construction it could be the same GTX 680 with a faux painted plastic shroud. No vapor-chamber, lower grade fan, a lot of slight differences that make it cost effective but cool looking enough to make folk go wow!

nope. MSRP $399-$449
Oct 26, 2011
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Jul 23, 2011
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Dec 22, 2011
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