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Discussion in 'TechPowerUp Club Forum' started by Killer_Rubber_Ducky, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. erocker

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    Still the same map or did they add a new one with the beta?
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  2. brandonwh64

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    Sep 6, 2009
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    Chatsworth, GA
    No its the same map but they have done quite alot with net code in since the alpha. Running ultra with visibility set to 1200 I get well over 60FPS on a 48 out of 50 wasteland server.
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  3. erocker

    erocker Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 19, 2006
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    Well, that's nice. But no new map sucks. I was expecting it for the Beta. Not going to bother reinstalling this then.
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  4. Killer_Rubber_Ducky


    Oct 20, 2009
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    Well, they teased the Altis map so maybe somewhere in the middle of the Beta they will release the newer map. (fingers crossed) I wonder if anyone has released custom maps for it yet. BIS is updating their BI Tools. They are adding in the ability to use SHAPEFILES in maps for roads etc. Hopefully they will make it so we can have cave systems and working rivers or waterfalls. Would be epic.

    I have come across an ARMA 3 video where someone found a dev cookie aka underwater cave with a skeleton in it on Stratis.

    ArmA II Invasion 1944 Weapon, Vehicle, Item list:

    classname | name


    US Army

    I44_HT_A_M3_Army -M3 Halftrack
    I44_HT_A_M3A1_Army -M3A1 Halftrack
    I44_ACar_A_M8_Greyhound_Army -M8 Greyhound
    I44_Tank_A_M3A3_Stuart_Army -M3A3 Stuart
    I44_Tank_A_M5A1_Stuart_Army -M5A1 Stuart
    I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_Sherman_Army -M4A3 Sherman
    I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_76_Sherman_Army -M4A3(76) Sherman
    I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_DD_Sherman_Army -M4A3(DD) Sherman

    I44_Boat_A_M1_AssaultBoat_Army -M1 Assault Boat

    I44_GunAT_A_M1_Army -M1 57mm AT Gun
    I44_GunAT_A_M3_Army -M3 37mm AT Gun
    I44_GunMortar_A_M1_Army -M1 Mortar
    I44_GunMortar_A_M2_Army -M2 Mortar
    I44_GunMG_A_M2HB_TripodAA_Army -M2HB (AA Tripod)
    I44_GunMG_A_M2HB_TripodM3_Army -M2HB (M3 Tripod)
    I44_GunMG_A_M1919A4_TripodM2_Army -M1919A4 (M2 Tripod)

    Men - 29th Infantry Division:
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Bazooka -AT Soldier
    I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M1Mine -Engineer (M1 Mines)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M1A1Bangalore -Engineer (M1A1 bangalore)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M2DemoCharges -Engineer (M2 demo charges)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M37DemoKit -Engineer (M37 demokit)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1Garand_M7 -Grenadier (M7)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3_M1 -Grenadier (M1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_GunCrew_M1Carbine -Gun Crew (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_GunCrew_NCO_M1911A1 -Gun Crew NCO (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1919A4 -Machinegunner (M1919A4)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Medic -Medic
    I44_Man_A_Army_NCO_M1Carbine -NCO (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_NCO_M1Garand -NCO (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_NCO_M1A1Thompson -NCO (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_CO_M1Carbine -Officer (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_CO_M1911A1 -Officer (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_RTO_M1Carbine -RTO (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Sniper_M1903A4 -Sniper (M1903A4 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1Carbine -Soldier (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1Garand -Soldier (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3 -Soldier (M1903A3 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1918A2 -Soldier (BAR)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Thompson -Soldier (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_M3Greasegun -Soldier (Grease-gun)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Crew_M1911A1 -Tank crew (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Crew_M3Greasegun -Tank crew (Grease-gun)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Crew_NCO_M1911A1 -Tank crew NCO (M1911A1)

    Men D-Day - 1st Infantry Division:
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1A1Bazooka -AT Soldier
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Engr_M1Mine -Engineer (M1 Mines)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Engr_M1A1Bangalore -Engineer (M1A1 bangalore)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Engr_M2DemoCharges -Engineer (M2 demo charges)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Engr_M37DemoKit -Engineer (M37 demokit)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1Garand_M7 -Grenadier (M7)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1903A3_M1 -Grenadier (M1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_GunCrew_M1Carbine -Gun Crew (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_GunCrew_NCO_M1911A1 -Gun Crew NCO (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1919A4 -Machinegunner (M1919A4)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Medic -Medic
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_NCO_M1Carbine -NCO (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_NCO_M1Garand -NCO (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_NCO_M1A1Thompson -NCO (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_CO_M1Carbine -Officer (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_CO_M1911A1 -Officer (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_RTO_M1Carbine -RTO (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Sniper_M1903A4 -Sniper (M1903A4 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1Carbine -Soldier (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1Garand -Soldier (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1903A3 -Soldier (M1903A3 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1918A2 -Soldier (BAR)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M1A1Thompson -Soldier (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_M3Greasegun -Soldier (Grease-gun)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Crew_M1911A1 -Tank crew (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Crew_M3Greasegun -Tank crew (Grease-gun)
    I44_Man_A_Army_DDay_Crew_NCO_M1911A1 -Tank crew NCO (M1911A1)

    Men Rangers:
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1A1Bazooka -AT Soldier
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Engr_M1Mine -Engineer (M1 Mines)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Engr_M1A1Bangalore -Engineer (M1A1 bangalore)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Engr_M2DemoCharges -Engineer (M2 demo charges)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Engr_M37DemoKit -Engineer (M37 demokit)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand_M7 -Grenadier (M7)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1903A3_M1 -Grenadier (M1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_GunCrew_M1Carbine -Gun Crew (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_GunCrew_NCO_M1911A1 -Gun Crew NCO (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1919A4 -Machinegunner (M1919A4)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Medic -Medic
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_NCO_M1Carbine -NCO (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_NCO_M1Garand -NCO (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_NCO_M1A1Thompson -NCO (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_CO_M1Carbine -Officer (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_CO_M1911A1 -Officer (M1911A1)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Sniper_M1903A4 -Sniper (M1903A4 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Carbine -Soldier (Carbine)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand -Soldier (Garand)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1903A3 -Soldier (M1903A3 Springfield)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1918A2 -Soldier (BAR)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1A1Thompson -Soldier (Thompson)
    I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M3Greasegun -Soldier (Grease-gun)

    I44_Car_A_WillysMB_Army -1/4 Ton Truck
    I44_Car_A_WillysMB_M1919_Army -1/4 Ton Truck (M1919A4)
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Ammo_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck (Ammo)
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Fuel_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck (Fuel)
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Open2_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck (Open 2)
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Open_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck (Open)
    I44_Truck_A_GMC_CCKW_Repair_Army -2 1/2 Ton Truck (Repair)

    US Navy

    I44_Boat_A_LCM3_Navy -LCM(3)
    I44_Boat_A_LCVP_Navy -LCVP
    I44_Boat_A_M1_AssaultBoat_Navy -M1 Assault Boat

    US Army Air Force

    I44_Plane_A_C47A_AAF -C-47A
    I44_Plane_A_P51D_AAF -P-51D
    I44_Plane_A_P51D_250lb_AAF -P-51D (2x250lb)
    I44_Plane_A_P51D_HVAR_AAF -P-51D (HVAR)

    I44_Man_A_AAF_Pilot_M1911A1 -Pilot (M1911A1)

    UK Army

    I44_Tank_B_ShermanIV_Army -Sherman IV
    I44_Tank_B_ShermanVC_Army -Sherman VC

    I44_GunAT_B_QF6pdrMk4_Army -QF 6pdr Mk. IV
    I44_GunMG_B_Vickers_Army -Vickers (tripod)

    Men - Airborne:
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_PIAT -AT Soldier (PIAT)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_Engr_GrenadeNo75 -Engineer (SMLE No4 MkI, Gren No75)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_GunCrew_SMLEdNo4Mk1 -Gun Crew (SMLE No4 MkI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_BrenMk1 -Machinegunner (Bren mkI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_Medic -Medic
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_NCO_SMLENo4Mk1 -NCO (SMLE No4 MkI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_NCO_StenMk5 -NCO (Sten MkV)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_CO_StenMk5 -Officer (Sten MkV, Webley MkVI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_CO_WebleyMk6 -Officer (Webley MkVI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_Sniper_SMLENo4Mk1T -Sniper (SMLE No4 MkI (T))
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_SMLENo4Mk1 -Soldier (SMLE No4 MkI)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_SMLENo4Mk1_No82 -Soldier (SMLE No4 MkI, Grenade No82)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_StenMk2 -Soldier (Sten MkII)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_StenMk5 -Soldier (Sten MkV)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_Crew_StenMk2 -Tank Crew (Sten MkII)
    I44_Man_B_Army_AB_Crew_WebleyMk6 -Tank Crew (Webley MkVI)

    I44_Car_B_WillysAB_Army -AB Jeep
    I44_Car_B_WillysAB_VGO_Army -AB Jeep (V60)

    UK Royal Air Force

    I44_Plane_B_TyphoonMk1B_RAF -Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB
    I44_Plane_B_TyphoonMk1B_RP3_RAF -Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB (RP-3)


    GE Luftwaffe

    I44_Plane_G_Bf109F2_WL -Bf-109F2
    I44_Plane_G_Bf109F2_SC250_WL -Bf-109F2 (1xSC250)
    I44_Plane_G_Bf109F2_SC50_WL -Bf-109F2 (4xSC50)
    I44_Plane_G_Bf109G6_SC250_WL -Bf-1096G (1xSC250)*
    I44_Plane_G_Bf109G6_WL -Bf-1096G*

    I44_GunAA_G_FlaK36_Pintle_AT_WL -Flak 36 (Pintle AT)
    I44_GunAA_G_FlaK36_Pintle_WL -Flak 36 (Pintle)
    I44_GunAA_G_FlaK38_WL -Flak 38

    I44_Man_G_WL_Pilot_P38 -Pilot (P38)

    Men - Fallschirmjager:
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_K98k_GGrGer -Grenadier (K98k + GGrGer)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_MG34 -Maschinengewehr-Schutze (MG34)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_MG42 -Maschinengewehr-Schutze (MG42)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_CO_MP40 -Offizier (MP40, P38)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_CO_P08 -Offizier (P08)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_RPzB54 -Panzerjager (RPzB54, K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_FG42_Zf4 -Schutze (FG42 Zf4)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_FG42 -Schutze (FG42)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_G43 -Schutze (G43)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_K98kZf41 -Schutze (K98k Zf41)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_K98k -Schutze (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_K98k_PzF30 -Schutze (K98k, PzF30)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_K98k_PzF60 -Schutze (K98k, PzF60)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_MP40 -Schutze (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_MP43 -Schutze (MP43)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_Sniper_G43Zf4 -Scharfschutze (G43 Zf4)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_Sniper_K98kZf42 -Scharfschutze (K98k Zf42)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_NCO_K98k -Unteroffizier (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_NCO_MP40 -Unteroffizier (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WL_FJ_NCO_MP43 -Unteroffizier (MP43)

    GE Heer

    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F_WH -Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. F
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_D_WH -Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_WH -Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_Skirt_WH -Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G (S)
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwV_G_WH -Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf. G
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_B_WH -Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_WH -Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E
    I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_AAMG_WH -Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E (MG34)
    I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH -Sd.Kfz. 2 (Camo)
    I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Gray_WH -Sd.Kfz. 2 (Gray)
    I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_WH -Sd.Kfz. 222
    I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_1D_WH -Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D
    I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_1_IID_WH -Sd.Kfz. 251/1-II Ausf. D*
    I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_2D_WH -Sd.Kfz. 251/2 Ausf. D
    I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_WH -StuG. III Ausf. G
    I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_Skirt_WH -StuG. III Ausf. G (S)
    I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_WH -StuH. 42
    I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_Skirt_WH -StuH. 42 (S)

    I44_GunBunker_G_FlaK36_R272_WH -Casemate R272 (Flak 36)
    I44_GunBunker_G_PaK40_R67L_WH -Casemate R67L (Pak 40)
    I44_GunBunker_G_PaK40_R67R_WH -Casemate R67R (Pak 40)
    I44_GunMortar_G_GrW34_WH -GrW 34
    I44_GunMG_G_MG42_Bipod_WH -MG42 (Bipod)
    I44_GunMG_G_MG42_Tripod_WH -MG42 (Tripod)
    I44_GunMG_G_MG42_Tripod_Zf40_WH -MG42 (Tripod, Zf40)
    I44_GunMG_G_MG42_Nest_WH -MG42 Nest
    I44_GunAT_G_PaK40_WH -Pak 40
    I44_GunAT_G_PaK40_Pintle_WH -Pak 40 (Pintle)

    I44_Man_G_WH_GunCrew_K98k -Geshutzbesatzung (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_GunCrew_NCO_P38 -Geshcutzbesatzungfuhrer (P38)
    I44_Man_G_WH_K98k_GGrGer -Grenadier (K98k + GGrGer)
    I44_Man_G_WH_MG34-Maschinengewehr -Schutze (MG34)
    I44_Man_G_WH_MG42-Maschinengewehr -Schutze (MG42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_CO_MP40 -Offizier (MP40, P38)
    I44_Man_G_WH_CO_P08 -Offizier (P08)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Crew_MP40 -Panzerbesatzung (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Crew_P38 -Panzerbesatzung (P38)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Crew_NCO_P38 -Panzerbesatzungfuhrer (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_RPzB54 -Panzerjager (RPzB54, K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Engr_GbLadung10kg -Pionier (K98k, GbLadung 10kg)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Engr_GbLadung3kg -Pionier (K98k, GbLadung 3kg)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Engr_Rohrladung -Pionier (K98k, Rohrladung)
    0I44_Man_G_WH_Engr_SprB24 -Pionier (K98k, SprB24)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Engr_TMi42 -Pionier (K98k, TMI42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_G43 -Schutze (G43)
    I44_Man_G_WH_K98kZf41 -Schutze (K98k Zf41)
    I44_Man_G_WH_K98k -Schutze (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_K98k_PzF30 -Schutze (K98k, PzF30)
    I44_Man_G_WH_K98k_PzF60 -Schutze (K98k, PzF60)
    I44_Man_G_WH_MP40 -Schutze (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_MP43 -Schutze (MP43)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Sniper_G43Zf4 -Scharfschutze (G43 Zf4)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Sniper_K98kZf42 -Scharfschutze (K98k Zf42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_NCO_K98k -Unteroffizier (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_NCO_MP40 -Unteroffizier (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_NCO_MP43 -Unteroffizier (MP43)

    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_GGrGer -Grenadier (K98k + GGrGer)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MG34 -Maschinengewehr-Schutze (MG34)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MG42 -Maschinengewehr-Schutze (MG42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_CO_MP40 -Offizier (MP40, P38)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_CO_P08 -Offizier (P08)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_RPzB54 -Panzerjager (RPzB54, K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_GbLadung10kg -Pionier (FmW35, P38)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_GbLadung3kg -Pionier (K98k, GbLadung 10kg)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_Rohrladung -Pionier (K98k, GbLadung 3kg)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_SprB24 -Pionier (K98k, Rohrladung)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_TMi42 -Pionier (K98k, SprB24)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_G43 -Pionier (K98k, TMI42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98kZf41 -Schutze (G43)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98kZf41 -Schutze (K98k Zf41)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k -Schutze (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF30 -Schutze (K98k, PzF30)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF60 -Schutze (K98k, PzF60)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MP40 -Schutze (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MP43 -Schutze (MP43)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Sniper_G43Zf4 -Scharfschutze (G43 Zf4)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Sniper_K98kZf42 -Scharfschutze (K98k Zf42)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_NCO_K98k -Unteroffizier (K98k)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_NCO_MP40 -Unteroffizier (MP40)
    I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_NCO_MP43 -Unteroffizier (MP43)

    I44_Car_G_Kfz1_Camo_WH -Kfz. 1 Kubelwagen (Camo)
    I44_Car_G_Kfz1_CamoOpen_WH -Kfz. 1 Kubelwagen (Camo, Open)
    I44_Car_G_Kfz1_Gray_WH -Kfz. 1 Kubelwagen (Gray)
    I44_Car_G_Kfz1_GrayOpen_WH -Kfz. 1 Kubelwagen (Gray, Open)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Ammo_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Ammo)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Camo_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Camo)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Fuel_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Fuel)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Gray_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Gray)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Open_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Open)
    I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Repair_WH -Kfz. 305 Open Blitz (Repair)


    French Resistance


    I44_Man_R_F_M37Ithaca -Fighter (Ithaca 37)
    I44_Man_R_F_MP40 -Fighter (MP40)
    I44_Man_R_F_P08 -Fighter (P08)
    I44_Man_R_F_P38 -Fighter (P38)
    I44_Man_R_F_StenMk2 -Fighter (Sten MkII)
    I44_Man_R_F_StenMk5 -Fighter (Sten MkV)
    I44_Man_R_F_WebleyMk6 -Fighter (Webley MkVI)
    I44_Man_R_F_BrenMk1 -Gunner (Bren MkI)
    I44_Man_R_F_CO_P08 -Leader (P08)
    I44_Man_R_F_K98k -Rifleman (K98k)
    I44_Man_R_F_LeeEnfieldNo4Mk1 -Rifleman (Lee-Enfield No4 MkI)
    I44_Man_R_F_Engr_TNT -Saboteur (P38, TNT)
    I44_Man_R_F_Engr_GrenadeNo75 -Saboteur (Webley MkVI, Gr.No75)
    I44_Man_R_F_Sniper_K98kZf42 -Sniper (K98k Zf42)
    I44_Man_R_F_Sniper_LeeEnfieldNo4Mk1_T -Sniper (Lee-Enfield No4 Mk1 (T))


    US Ammo Crates

    I44_AmmoBox_A -American Ammo Box
    I44_AmmoBox_A_H -American Heavy Weapon Ammo Box
    I44_WeaponBox_A -American Weapon Box
    I44_WeaponBox_A_H -American Heavy Weapon Box
    I44_AmmoBox_A_MP -American Multiplayer Ammo/Weapon Box

    German Ammo Crates

    I44_AmmoBox_G -German Ammo Box
    I44_AmmoBox_G_H -German Heavy Weapon Ammo Box
    I44_WeaponBox_G -German Weapon Box
    I44_WeaponBox_G_H -German Heavy Weapon Box
    I44_AmmoBox_G_MP -German Multiplayer Ammo/Weapon Box

    Objects (I44)

    I44_obstacle_barbedwire -Barbed Wire 1
    I44_obstacle_barbedwire2 -Barbed Wire 2
    I44_obstacle_barbedwirefence -Barbed Wire Fence
    I44_object_barrack1 -Building: barrack1
    I44_object_guard_post_1 -Building: guard post 1
    I44_bunker_01 -Bunker (01)
    I44_bunker_AA -Bunker (AA)
    I44_bunker_R27 -Bunker (R272)
    I44_bunker_R67_left -Bunker (R67L)
    I44_bunker_R67_right -Bunker (R67R)
    I44_Static_Bunker_FlaK36_R272 -Casemate R272 (Flak 36)
    I44_Static_Bunker_PaK40_R67L -Casemate R67L (Pak 40)
    I44_Static_Bunker_PaK40_R67R -Casemate R46R (Pak 40)
    I44_obstacle_czechhedgehog -Czech Hedgehog
    I44_object_pot2 -Fence: pot2
    I44_object_pot2_fen -Fence: pot2_fen
    I44_object_pot2_fen_a -Fence: pot2_fen_a
    I44_radio_g_20WSd -Funkgerat 20 W. S. d.
    I44_radio_g_TornEb -Funkgerat Torn. E. b.
    I44_object_barre -Gate: barre
    I44_object_bc_beton -Gate: bc_beton
    I44_object_bloc_barre -Gate: bloc_barre
    I44_obstacle_logramp1 -Log Ramp 1
    I44_obstacle_logramp2 -Log Ramp 2
    I44_obstacle_logramp3 -Log Ramp 3
    I44_parachute_g_ground2 -Parachute (Green, Ground)
    I44_parachute_g_ground1 -Parachute (Green, Ground)
    I44_parachute_w_ground2 -Parachute (White, Ground)
    I44_parachute_w_ground1 -Parachute (White, Ground)
    I44_object_sign1 -Sign: sign1
    I44_obstacle_stake1 -Stake 1
    I44_obstacle_stake2 -Stake 2
    I44_obstacle_stake3 -Stake 3
    I44_obstacle_stake4 -Stake 4
    I44_obstacle_stake5 -Stake 5
    I44_obstacle_stake6 -Stake 6
    I44_obstacle_stake7 -Stake 7
    I44_tent_a_large -Tent (Large)
    I44_tent_a_small -Tent (Small)
    I44_trench_line -Trenchline
    I44_trench_line_wire -Trenchline (wire)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_1 -Zeitbahn (1)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_16 -Zeitbahn (16)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_2 -Zeitbahn (2)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_3 -Zeitbahn (3)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_4 -Zeitbahn (4)
    I44_tent_g_zeltbahn_8 -Zeitbahn (8)

    Objects (I44 Ambient)

    I44_ambient_B17 -Plane - B17
    I44_ambient_B17Formation -Plane - B17 Formation
    I44_ambient_Typhoon -Plane - Typhoon
    I44_ambient_Battleship1 -Ship - Battleship 1
    I44_ambient_Battleship2 -Ship - Battleship 2
    I44_ambient_Destroyer1 -Ship - Destroyer 1
    I44_ambient_Destroyer2 -Ship - Destroyer 2
    I44_ambient_Destroyer3 -Ship - Destroyer 3
    I44_ambient_Destroyer4 -Ship - Destroyer 4
    I44_ambient_LSD -Ship - LSD


    name | classname | variations

    Automatic Rifles

    FG42 | I44_FG42I |I44_FG42I_bipod/I44_FG42I_Zf4/I44_FG42I_Zf4_bipod/ I44_FG42II


    M1918A2 | I44_M1918A2 |


    MP43 | I44_MP43 | I44_StG44


    AT Weapons

    M1A1Bazooka | I44_M1A1Bazooka


    PIAT | I44_PIAT


    Panzerfaust | I44_PzFaust | I44_PzFaust30/I44_PzFaust60/I44_PzFaust100


    RPzB54 | I44_RPzB54



    BrenMk1 | I44_BrenMk1


    M1919A4 | I44_M1919A4


    MG34 | I44_MG34


    MG42 | I44_MG42



    M1911A1 | I44_M1911A1


    P08 | I44_P08


    P38 | I44_P38


    Webley | I44_WebleyMk6



    G43 | I44_G43 | I44_G43Zf4/I44_K43


    K98k | I44_K98k | I44_K98k_GGrGer/I44_K98kZf42


    LeeEnfield | I44_LeeEnfield | I44_LeeEnfieldNo4Mk1/I44_LeeEnfieldNo4Mk1_T


    DeIsle | I44_DeLisleCarbine


    M1Carbine | I44_M1Carbine | I44_M1A1Carbine


    M1Garand | I44_M1Garand | I44_M1Garand_M7


    M1903 | I44_M1903 | I44_M1903A3/I44_M1903A3_M1/I44_M1903A4


    M37Ithaca | I44_M37Ithaca



    Thompson | I44_M1A1Thompson


    M3Greasegun | I44_M3Greasegun


    MP40 | I44_MP40


    STEN | I44_StenMk2 | I44_StenMk2S/I44_StenMk5


    Explosives | Allied BLUFOR | German OPFOR

    Satchel charge type:

    "I44_Item_M37DemoKit" "I44_Item_GbLadung10kg"
    "I44_Item_M37DemoKitHalf" "I44_Item_GbLadung3kg"
    "I44_Item_M2DemoCharge" "I44_Item_SprB24"
    "I44_Item_M1A1Bangalore" "I44_Item_Rohrladung"

    "I44_Mine_AT_M1" "I44_Mine_AT_TMi42"

    "I44_HandGrenade_No36M" "I44_HandGrenade_StiHgr24"

    Rifle Grenades:
    "I44_RifleGrenade_M1Mk2" "I44_RifleGrenade_GSprgr"
    "I44_RifleGrenade_M9A" "I44_RifleGrenade_GPzgr30"
    "I44_RifleGrenade_SignalM17A1" "I44_RifleGrenade_GGPzgr40"
    "I44_RifleGrenade_M17_M1903" "I44_RifleGrenade_GFlgr"

    Smoke Grenades:

    Bombs (Air):

    "I44_Bomb_AN_M57" "I44_Bomb_SC50"
    "I44_Bomb_AN_M64" "I44_Bomb_SC250"

    "I44_Binocular_M3" "I44_Binocular_TypeEE"

    |End of List|

    NOTE: There may be a few items missing from this list if you notice any let me know:

    Since the DayZ commander method seems to be giving people problems. Here is the CBA part you need. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jgf8vk7pu4jv99/ARMA2CBA.zip
    And here is the I44 part with the I44DayZ folder.
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    invasion 1944 Wasteland Server Map change

    Hey guys,

    If you don't already know, There is a mod for ArmA II called Invasion 1944 which has been around for a while. The mod is a complete conversion mod which means all the skins, weapons, maps, etc are changed. You can still play it on ArmA 2 maps it just might not look right time period wise.

    Anyway, The Wasteland server WmD Wasteland recently added 2 new maps to their server replacing Neaville which was getting boring. The two maps are:
    1. Omaha V2
    2. Merderet River V2

    So far the Omaha Beach Landing map went extremely well during playtesting tonight and they are looking for testers for Merderet river too.
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  8. D007


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    Pompano beach, Florida
    Seriously not impressed by arma 2 or 3 so far.
    Yes I got the alpha for arma 3.
    It's just like Arma 2 was and every bit as buggy.
    Since they can't figure out how to make a game, that isn't lagged and desync'd to death, I give up on arma.

    Part of the reason dayz was so bad is because the coding of this game is iffy at best.

    What do I know about the coding?
    Oh Idk, maybe that I spent the better part of a year of my life, making some of the most extensive zombie maps there were for it, just to watch them be desyncd to death, hacked and have servers crash, like there is no tomorrow.
    Maybe that I know what every bit of scripting in the games code actually does and have used it extensively..

    In Arma just because you script it, doesn't mean it will work.
    That in itself is a huge coding failure.

    So please don't try to tell me that the game is not like this. Because it so is..
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  9. AsRock

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    Sorry only time it's been like that for me is being on crappy servers and i been playing since OFP..

    How ever yes bugs are there some even from Arma 1 even. But you should all so know when you fix things the chance you will break other things.

    I been playing with a few old friends from Ghost Recon \ OFP days and it's been totally sweet game to play and if there is any thing i would complain about the game is that the AI from a distance go in to the ground which is annoying and if that be fixed i don't know as that bugs been around some time too.

    And before i forget OFP\Arma has always been a love or hate game.. Maybe go play CS lol.
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  10. Killer_Rubber_Ducky


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    Wow, judging a game as crap based on Alpha gameplay........childish. Give up on ALL games if you are going to judge a game based on Alpha gameplay. They fixed a crap ton of bugs. during alpha stage. I am quite happy with ArmA 3 so far. Yes there are still bugs and performance issues, but they are being ironed out. What a pessimist. Go back to Call of Duty. We don't need your narcissistic pessimism here. :mad::banghead:
  11. AsRock

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    Yeah it got much better when it went in to beta, how ever Arma is one of those games were there will always be a ton of bugs even old ones it's just how it is partly being as big as it is..
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  12. tigger

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    I haven't even seen Arma 3 yet, and I think Arma 2 looks fantastic. I haven't really found any major bugs in this yet.

    Also I installed Sixplay and i44, played a couple of rounds on a server, and I love it.
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    good to hear. Check out some videos of ArmA 3 on the OP. As well as a few posts below for the Beta update. Here is one I just recently watched.
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  14. brandonwh64

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    Chatsworth, GA
    We are not.... SO..... Why come here and bitch?
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    I played Arma 3 with my decent rig(you have monster Gpus compared to mine btw), Insane FPS compared to Arma 2, It's definitely better even with the alpha then. Not mentioning the new features they've put in like better graphics, physics, dialogue voices, inventory, stances, flight mechanics, etc.

    It's alot more optimized than Arma 2(and less buggy), I could go far as to say it runs similar to BF3 despite the bigger maps and larger player count + AI.

    I played alot of Multiplayer games on Arma 2, Dayz and Arma 3 with my crappy third world 2-3mbps dsl internet. ping around 100-300, The gameplay was still smooth, desyncing was never an issue. There are bugs here and there but that's what you get in a very very complex game like Arma.

    The only annoying problem is the hackers, which hasn't been anticipated considering that Arma was really designed for military hardcore fans only, It was only DayZ that brought them into mainstream and thus attracting these script kiddies and nothing else to do hackers.

    One more thing, Arma wasn't designed for "zombies"
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  16. AsRock

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    Never mind the point the original engine was made for them and actually needed a USB key to be able play it.
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  18. Killer_Rubber_Ducky


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    Hopefully these changes to the game will ward off those who are coddled by the games like BF3 and CoD. They have not experienced games where teamwork is truly important. BF3 is supposed to be teamwork reliant and to a degree is but many of the weapons on there are truly OP allowing the existance of 'rambos'. When there are OP weapons and no teamwork, the mission can truly fail. ArmA does have weapons that are considered OP like the TWS AS50 and TWS weapons in general but they still require teamwork to succeed. So far the ArmA series is the closest to true teamwork I have seen in a game to date.

    Here are a few adjustments done to the game itself(I have not listed all of them just what I thought important):
    • Added clan sign support for many Beta vehicles
    • Adjusted lift force of xH-9, AH-99 and PO-30 helicopters
    • Adjusted collective of xH-9 family helicopters
    • Adjusted xH-9 family maneuverability around roll-axis
    • Copilot of the UH-80 now uses the cyclic
    • Transport helicopters have means to detect incoming missiles
    • Doors should be openable by scripts for helicopters
    • Improved animations of Mk.20 rifle
    • Fixed: Hammer of ACP-C2 is correctly readied to fire
    • Added: Respawn Position module - adds respawn point for specific side and unit / vehicle type
    • Lamps have better emissive material
    • Roadcone and Roadbarrier lights are now operational
    • Fixed: Tweaked fog on horizon and clouds (removed visible transitions for some fog settings)
    • Fixed: Ambient light is now correctly affected by moon and stars intensity
    • Fixed: Sunken fuel station on Stratis
    • Sprinting left and right while standing allows for quick drop to adjusted left and right urban prone positions (use prone key while sprinting sideways)
    • Adjusted poses received boost to fluency
    • Improved responsiveness of stance changing
    • Fixed: AI ability to track enemy that is not visible
    • Hiding in the grass now affects AI better (configuration on Stratis surface types done)
    • Adjusted visibility and audibility of fire for AI

    Here are some changes to the Engine I found interesting:
    • The game will now report undefined variables in scripts as an error, hopefully motivating fixes in these scripts, and better scripts in the long-term.
    • Fixed: SMAA Post-Process
    • Fixed: Small performance tweak in rotation blur Post Process
    • Fixed: Flash suppressor changed sound of underbarrel grenade launchers
    • Fixed: Some cases of sliding players
    • Removed sensitivity smoothing for aiming deadzone
    • Helicopters: main rotor collision added
    • Helicopters: autorotation tweaks, barrel roll tweaks
    • NVGs are hidden inside vehicles, and this can be configured per position
    • Fixed: Tank shells now have visible tracer
    • Fixed: Inconsistent land shadow segments while switching landscapes
    • Fixed: Broken parallax mapping on the terrain in some places
    • GPU benchmark should not cause "driver not responding" conditions anymore
    • Fixed: AI ballistic calculation
    • Fixed: AI now can shoot over animals
    • Fixed: AI now consider proper muzzle direction for rocket launchers
    • AI shouldn't take unguided missiles as guided
    • AI shouldn't use rockets against infantry that much
    • AI ballistic calculation improved for unguided rockets
    • AI prefer crouch stance while engaging
    • Continual fire will be decreasing position error (as a counterweight to decreased visibility of shooting)

    Here are some more AI tweaks not listed in the SITREP:

    • There was a mathematical accuracy problem, which made AI aim at the wrong point. This being fixed, actual accuracy of ai still depends on his skill.
    • New types of obstacles for pathfinding
    • Improved pre-processing of terrain for path-planning
    • Path planning for divers - making them navigate underwater
    • Flashlights affect AI detection - Flashlights help you to detect enemy, but also reveals you
    • AI is properly using weapon optics to find enemy - Including Thermal Optics
    • Improved how night changes the chance to spot enemy
    • Silencers decreasing audibility
    • AI mines detection and avoidance
    • AI able to use grenade launchers - they will engage with UGLs
    • Blackhawk gunners are more capable while searching for new targets - done in OA and merged
    • Helicopters pilots prefer not to crash to trees and hills - but reserve the right to do so
    • Small improvements of helicopter attack pattern - less dive-bombing
    • Boats able to navigate around piers
    • Improved AI ability to to send medic
    • AI using first aid kit
    • AI will not shoot you through bushes, if he did not see you before - fixed in OA and merged
    • AI can drive physx vehicles
    • AI will also assign secondary turrets
    • AI will not disembark to change position in vehicle - if possible
    • AI will not take your commanding role in vehicle
    • AI visibility in new fog
    • Fixed: AI not able to open doors in some buildings
    • Improved AI commanding - selection of cover point on position where you are sending soldier to
    • Improved weapon selection - based on time needed to lock missile or turn vehicle; done in TKOH and merged

    And Finally some WIP fixes:

    • AI not using pistol, when it should not - in some stage of releasing, WIP
    • Grass is decreasing chance to spot enemy - in some stage of releasing, WIP
    • AI prefer crouch stance while engaging - WIP, to be released
    • Decreased visibility of shooting - so AI does not find you instantly after killing one of them and also now each shoot close to enemy will decrease error of guessed position - WIP, to be released

    Here are some of the new vehicles and such from the recent update:
    BTR-K Kamysh

    IFV-6c Panther
    Here are some images of the new weapons in the Beta if you are not aware or have the Beta. I am personally happy with some of these new weapons since most of them look badass. :rockout:

    • TDI Vector
    • Benelli M4 Super 90
    • Kel-Tec KSG
    • Kel-Tec RFB Carbine, appears as the SDAR 5.56mm
    • Gepard GM6 Lynx
    • Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle
    • CheyTac M200
    • Heckler & Koch XM25
    • Metal Storm 3GL
    • ACP-C2

    That was a list of some of the weapons in the Beta. Some are new to the game, some have been in since Alpha. Below is the photos of the weapons in order from the list:










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  19. AsRock

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    You wont find another game like it and a good chace you wont for a good time as most company's like UBI \ EA \ Code Masters just want to make disposable games and not games that can be built up on.

    The game engines roots is made for teamwork as who would want there army trained on it.

    Anyways will have to try it out later see what the deal is and how the games been affected but at least less AT rockets be fired at you HAHA..
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  21. erixx


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    Independent in Imperialistic
    how nice, i really want to try i44, as i bought Invasion44 standalone game and the script issues and low MP activity killed it (for me at least)
  22. Killer_Rubber_Ducky


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    get it through PlayWithSix. I play with the 82nd Airborne clan all the time. in fact they recently recruited me.
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  23. Killer_Rubber_Ducky


    Oct 20, 2009
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    All the Beta Weapons

    An AC-130 !!!!


    The AC-130 Weapons!!!

    More to come in the future
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    Chatsworth, GA
    Arma III Update 8/8/2013


    It may not feature a campaign any more – that’s now planned for inclusion in three separate chunks later down the line – but Arma 3′s official launch is still going to be a significant enhancement for pretend soldiers, their pretend commanders, and the very real jerks who just want to mess with people. All of them will be able to get their hands on the full game, when it leaves beta on September 12.

    Of course, if holding a single date in your head is too much to ask for, you can regularly check this countdown page instead.

    The biggest change will be the addition of Atlis, the game’s 270 km² main island – which will join the current 20 km² Stratis. In addition, Bohemia promise: “12 singleplayer showcases, 3 faction showcases, 9 multiplayer scenarios, 10 firing drill challenges, more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, 5 factions, the scenario editor and modding support.”

    You can still access the beta right now, for £29.99/$44.99/€34.99. Both alpha and beta purchasers are guaranteed the full version on release.

    Source: PC Gamer
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    EPIC Hilarious Video


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