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ASUS 9800PRO 256 Fan went of wont get back on


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Jan 2, 2005
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Hi, I got an ASUS Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb VIVO Card (Rev. 1.01) I flashed it with an ASUS XT BIOS, but the card couldn't handle the clock rate, so I flashed it back to the PRO version. The strange thing was that I could use all option of ASUS Smartdoctor now with the PRO BIOS. I wasn't able to use them before I flashed to xt and back, exspecialy the fan control option. So I enabled smartfan to reduce the noise. It worked great for more then 7 month now, but a few days ago , the fans were making strange noises, so I switch the fan of in smartdoctor for a second the make sure, the noise is coming from the graphic card fans.

The Problem is now: after I switch back to smartfan, the fans wont get back on. I tried all option in the ASUS smartdoctor fan control tab, but nothing worked. I rebooted several times, but even at start-up the fans wont spin! I took the card out, but everything looked fine. Then i flashed a XT BIOS back on it, no change, I tried several BIOS versions, NO change. I checked the fans by pluging them into the mainboard, they work fine... but somehow the graphic card tells them to run at 0%.
Does anybody have any idea?